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Please excuse our mess while we move our main site and upgrade to IPS 4.0.x.

The IBSkin forums and Skin Shop are still up and running perfectly!




URGENT!!! – Pre-Order Your IPB 4.0 Custom Skin ASAP!

CLICK HERE To pre-order your custom skin design for IPB 4.0

I have recently learned that IPB 4.0 will be released very soon! Pre-order your custom skin design for IPB 4.0 and make your $200 deposit ASAP to lock in the $400 price and to get your custom skin designed early before we're swamped with upgrades! Otherwise, any 4.0 custom skin orders that come in after 4.0 is released will have to wait until after we have completed upgrading all our pre-made skins before we take new custom skin orders and will be subject to the new price increase that will go in effect when IPB 4.0 is released. This could be months of waiting if you do not pre-order your custom skin now. This $200 pre-order deposit is applied to the total cost of your custom skin so your remaining balance will only be $200 if you get your order in now. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO PRE-ORDER YOUR CUSTOM SKIN. Once IPB 4.0 is released, everyone will be extreeeemly busy with customer support and getting pre-made skins upgraded so get your deposit in now so we can get your custom skin completed for you right away once IPB 4.0 is released, without having to wait for months after things slow down.

To add your name to the waiting list for IPB 4.0 custom skin upgrades, please purchase this option here and when you are done, please open a support ticket for "Custom Skin Design" services and give me your email address so I can contact you when it is your turn to have your skin redesigned to work with IPB 4.0.

All names are added on a first come, first serve basis. Get your $200 deposit in ASAP to insure fast production on your custom skin for IPB 4.0 when it's released.
This $200 will be applied towards the total cost of your custom skin leaving you with a remaining balance of $200 when your custom skin is completed.

New Halloween Skin – “Hallows Eve” For IPB 3.4

In a day or two I will be releasing the all new Halloween skin for IPB 3.4.6 and 3.4.7 titled “Hallows Eve”.
Please check back with us to preview this skin live on the IBSkin Forums and to download this amazing new skin!