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What a crazy Monday...




I can't believe the HOURS and HOURS I spent exporting and importing and uploading and packaging and releasing allllll 27 skins for IPB 3.3 and it was all for nothing. Only to find out that the  files were all messed up and I have to do it all over again. AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! LOL ...But, the good thing is, I've almost got them all fixed. The premium member downloads are all completely fixed now, so all I have left to get done is the updated files for the skin shop and the customer client areas. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress in the shoutbox and here in my blog. Once it is all done, I will also post it in the announcements forum and send out the newsletter to announce all the upgrade releases and the 3 new skins that were released today.

Here's hoping that Tuesday (tomorrow) is better than today. LOL Have a great day everyone! :thumbsup:



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new skins are looking good, I hope to purchase another soon.

Thank you so much dmacleo. :)

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