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  2. Hoping Vitality will be here soon please.

  3. Looking forward to Spring!

  4. Halloween - The Time Is Near

    1. Sherri


      This was addressed months ago. An official apology went out to everyone and an explanation that we were hacked and our database was used to pull emails. We took all preventative measures to get this resolved and involved law enforcement and caught the person doing it. Please understand we did not send this email and we did all we could to correct the issue. Your account will be deleted.

  5. Ivy League for IPB 4.1 is coming out next! :working:

    1. JTHastings


      Any update on Ivy League, is it coming out soon?

  6. LOL!!!
  7. I read that as "made me strange" - I knew there was some reason
  8. Photos we took on ladies night!

    © 2016 Sherri L. Jones

  9. Photos we took on ladies night!

    © 2016 Sherri L. Jones

  10. Photos we took on ladies night!

    © 2016 Sherri L. Jones

  11. Patiently waiting for our favorite, Ivy League! :coffee:

    1. Sherri


      It's coming out this weekend! :thumbsup:

  12. Anybody have any suggestions for the next theme? I suggested Evave and I'm the only one that bought it so far. My next suggestion would have been a 4th July theme but what is your suggestion?

    1. FarookAhmed


      Try something with a glossy leather finest look. Make sure to add everything into the theme the titles like Admin etc. Do NOTHING with the fonts and the horizontal menu. Its by default a brilliant layout. Beige, burgundy and gold make a very good combination.


      This video has some great colour combinations too. 



    2. Sherri


      Thank you FarookAhmed. Sounds like you may be referring to Ivy League. :thumbsup:

    3. Jas


      Well, I have a few 'wishes'?
       I am still missing the old Sambuca, Shalimar Scarlet and IBSkin Exlusive skins. They were gorgeous and good fitting themes for the older boards. It also would be nice to get theme based on the colors of the Baby Dust theme?

  13. Evave Theme Released! + Lots of upgrades released too!

  14. A photo of Sherri Lynn Jones. The skin designer and owner here at IBSkin
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