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    • Evave Question: I am currently exploring a custome skin for: /theme/site I notice Evave is NOT on the drop down list under "Theme" as a board view. Is this an oversight or is there good reason. I would like to view this site with that skin.
    • Complex Drop Down Menu skin suggestion requested.   Which of your skins would you advise to be used where a complex, compound drop down menu is used.   Currently we use Twilight ( Great Skin ) at this location:  but that skin does not manage the "Menu" correctly with drop downs within dropdowns. our current version for Twilight is4.1.12.2, I will try a recent release for Twlight but I doubt that will help sinse IBThemes knows of this problem for a long while with this skin. No idea if the problem extends to other IPS skins or all skins in general that are not defualt.  Using the default skin the menu works properly. Is there a IBTheme skin that would work for us?  
    • The "My Valentine" theme has been released in the IBTheme Shop. This theme was designed to be used all year long as a general feminine theme and not just for Valentine's day. Stop by and preview this theme live on our forums. PURCHASE HERE Works with the latest versions of these applications: IP.Board 4.1.xx Admin Control Panel IP.Commerce IP.Pages IP.Downloads IP.Gallery IP.Blog IP.Calendar IP.Chat Included in the download: Theme XML file for installation All fonts used throughout the theme logo.psd team-icon.psd meta-image.psd IBTheme copyright and license agreement Admin CP is themed to match forums PURCHASE HERE IN THE IBTHEME SHOP!
    • Merry Christmas Everybody! The latest version of White Christmas & Christmas Noel themes have just been released! Each theme is only $12 due to such a late release this year. I'm so sorry these themes are late this year, but I've been super swamped with custom work these past few weeks. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas & a safe and exciting new year!    
    •       A few support tickets answered, we're still working on a couple and need customer responses to move forward. ► Also, ALL CUSTOM WORK IS FINALLY COMPLETED, UPGRADED AND READY TO SEND OUT TOMORROW!!!!! (errr... actually, TODAY, I just looked at the time. lol)  ► It's going on 3am here where I am in Florida, so I'm probably going to sleep later than usual, so once I get in the office tomorrow I'll get tickets squared away, get the completed custom work sent over and installed and then I will help Wotsit get the Christmas themes upgraded for 4.1.17 so we can get those out to everyone this weekend. They are almost done. He's already got White Christmas ready to go, I just have to package it up and get it uploaded for everyone. . . . . .I don't believe it.... FINALLY, I'm only a few hours away from being ALL CAUGHT UP ON EVERYTHING!!! I'll be able to start getting old skins redesigned for IPB 4 and release a few new ones I've been dying to get out.     I couldn't have done it if it hadn't been for Wotsit being there this whole time, working long late hours right along with me and getting these upgrades done. He has been my guardian angel.  Thank you so much Wotsit!   Well...  I've been up working since 4:30 am (22+ hours) non-stop, and I'm so tired I can barely see straight, so sweet dreams everybody. See you in the morning (or early afternoon)
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