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      PayPal Disputes Will Result In Being Banned!   06/01/2016

      As of today, June 1st, 2016 at 8:00pm central time zone, USA: ANYONE opening a PayPal dispute before trying to resolve your issues through our support system first will be banned from IBTheme indefinitely and will lose all membership rights and privileges. We DO NOT offer refunds for our digital downloads. That means absolutely NO REFUNDS of any kind for any reason for any product or service sold on our site. I have spoken with PayPal ans as long as I can show a screenshot of proof that items paid for have been sent or delivered to the customer, I will win the dispute and the case will be closed weather you accept the file or not. All files are given to you in an automatic download IMMEDIATELY after you make your purchase. We do not manually fill orders. You can download your purchased files in you client area HERE under "Manage Purchases" when you hover on the IBTheme Shop link in the navigation bar at the top of each page. Thank you, Management
    • Sherri

      Where To Download Your Items After Purchase   06/17/2016

      All orders are filled automatically IMMEDIATELY after payment is submitted. You can download your purchased items under the menu link: IBTheme Shop > Mannage Purchases > Manage See images below... On the top main navigation bar of our forums, hover over the "IBTheme Shop" link. When the menu drops down, click on "Manage Purchases". Now you're on the "Manage Purchases" page of your account. Find the item you just purchased and click the "Manage" button on the right of the page. Now you are on the page for the item you purchased. You will see a download link for that item. Click on the link and download the item here. NOTICE!!! If you have ANY problems with your download link, CLICK HERE to open a support ticket IMMEDIATELY! We will respond within 24 hours to get your problem fixed. We usually respond very fast during normal business hours. Anyone opening a PayPal dispute for non-receipt of their purchased items because they couldn't find the download link will be banned and you will not receive support or upgrades for your purchased items. If you've submitted a support ticket due to problems with your download link and have not waited the full 24 hours before opening a PayPal dispute, you will be banned and you will not receive support or upgrades for your purchased items. IBTheme will not tolerate PayPal disputes for any reason. Thank You, Management Team
    Please do not use the Chatbox for support issues. You can open a support ticket by using the link on the above menu.
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    • UPDATE! - As of midnight tonight, we will no longer offer premium memberships.  If you are interested in having a premium membership you will need to make your purchase today before 11:59pm. All those with a premium membership can continue to use it through the end of your current subscription, however, you will not be able to automatically renew. Lifetime premium memberships are still good for your lifetime. Thank you, Sherri
      3 DAYS ONLY!!!
        HURRY!!! Sale ends Thursday night, May 12th, at 11:59pm central time USA This sale includes themes, website templates, custom logos, logo text changes.
      premium memberships, copyright removal, etc. EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS 25% OFF!

      Use coupon code: MAYSALE25
        Here are your prices with the 25% Off Sale:
      All IPB 4.1 themes will range between $9.00 - $13.50
      6 month premium memberships are only $63.75
      Logo text changes are only $3.75
      Custom logo designss are only $45.00
      Copyright removals are only $26.25
      Custom team icons are only $11.25
      Custom theme deposits are only $131.25
      Custom theme completions are only $131.25 (Only if paid before sale ends)

      These are just a few to give you an idea of the sale prices, but remember...


        ▼ United We Stand ▼ Twilight ▼ Dream ▼ Cambridge ▼ Evave ▼ Soft Blue ▼ Red Pro ▼ Luxury ▼ Versa ▼ Valentine's Day / Hearts ▼ White Christmas ▼ Christmas Noel       Don't forget, we're still selling skins for all earlier versions of IPB.

      Also, don't forget we lowered our custom theme prices too!
    • So far we've managed to find that one of the emails was sent from a gmail account that is not even listed in our member database.
    • To everyone that received an email today from SherriJones@gmail.com, I did NOT send this. This is an account I had years ago that is no longer in use because it was hacked and spam was being sent from it. I am very sorry to all that received this but please know, I did not send this. I'm trying to find a way to get that account closed. I am FURIOUS right now! I don't know how this happened. UPDATE: I found this information on google... https://myaccount.google.com/preferences?utm_source=OGB&pli=1#deleteservices I'm trying to delete this account. Apparently it was hacked again. I have to try to find the password for this account. They changed it. UPDATE AGAIN! I was able to use password recovery to gain access to the account again and delete the account. I am truly very sorry to all of you. I can't believe this happened. I don't know if it's a security thing with the software or if they hacked my gmail or both. I just don't know. I have changed my passwords on everything and deleted the google account that sent this. I hope to God this doesn't happen again.
    • We've been super busy at IBTheme! We're pleased to announce that we have lots of goodies rolling out. First, I want to let you all know, WE HAVE LOWERED OUR PRICES ON ALL OUR IPB 4.1 THEMES! We've also lowered our prices on our custom themes. Custom themes are now $350. Custom themes are purchased by paying $175 deposit up front to start the design. The remaining $175 paid on completion. I am taking orders for custom theme designs now. CLICK HERE to make your $175 deposit to get started, then open a support ticket to tell me the details of the design you want. I'll be finishing up current custom design orders this weekend so I'll be ready to start on new designs Monday for those that get their desposits in this weekend. 3 New Themes Released!
      United We Stand, Versa & Luxury
      Preview these themes live on our forums. 4 IPB 4.1.11 Upgrades Released!
      Twilight, Soft Blue, Red Pro & Dream
      We fixed all known issues in these themes and upgraded them for the latest release of IPB 4.1.11.
      If you've already purchased these themes or if you are a premium member, these upgrades are already available in your customer downloads and premium member download area. There is NO UPGRADE FEE for this upgrade series of the themes. More upgrades will be released later this week as they are completed. Wotsit is working on themes while I finalize custom design orders.  
  • Custom Themes
    Custom themes start at $350
    $175 deposit paid to start the design.
    The remaining $175 paid on completion.


    Then open a support ticket to speak with Sherri about purchasing a custom theme to get your exact pricing. 99.9% of all custom themes will only be $350 unless there is a lot of extra custom features and unusual editing involved.
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    • Wotsit

      Anybody have any suggestions for the next theme? I suggested Evave and I'm the only one that bought it so far. My next suggestion would have been a 4th July theme but what is your suggestion?
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    • Sherri

      Evave Theme Released! + Lots of upgrades released too!
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    • Sherri

      Getting Cambridge finished up this morning!
      · 3 replies
    • Tbar  »  Sherri

      Do you have a business phone number I can contact you at?  I need 5 skins and I think its a bit much to try and explain all that in type when a two minute conversation might do the trick.
      www.tidesofwar.net is the site in question. Gaming Site. Currently uses Twilight Skin. We are going to move to IPB suite 4.x very soon. I will purchase the new Twilight as the base skin... but I need 5 more Twilights to support that site!
      · 1 reply
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