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    Ok at moment i have hit small issue with IPS software that is effecting all the themes at the moment, as see below the support ticket that waiting for new update on so far nothing has been updated on the ticket. So plan a) wait for IPS to confirm a bug is here (no question on that) could be Monday/Tuesday before any reply now or plan B) going look this today see if i can with new way getting images display correctly using different way again i will update you on both.
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    Hi Guys little update from myself as few noticed i am here to help upgrade all theme from 4.1.x to 4.2.x i work around the clock make them all work and bug free, but please if spot any bugs report them and i provide update. So far the following been updated Simplicity Red Ivy League Red Pro United We Stand Cambridge Twilight Keep eye here all themes that been done and working at 4.2.2 but before ask me when will be ready you guys download there export/import theme issue "waiting on IPS for update" if can find way solve it before they do then i upload them.
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    we moved to tier 3 support with Matt look at the issue may take few days as little unsure why doing this so finally got IPS know its bug and not coding css issue.
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    Ok update so far IPS moved it to now tier 2 support and working on the ticket but no reply but i will update you as for plan B seem can't find work around due to the bug so let hope today we might have update with a way to resolve all the issues.
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    RED PRO for IPB 4.2.2 has just been released in the IBTheme Shop Purchase Here Premium Member Downloads
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    I recently took on a new 2nd job. While it's only part time of working 3 or 4 afternoons / evenings a week, the last two weeks (my first two weeks on the new job) have been spent training. Now that my training is complete, I'll be on my regular part time 3 or 4 day a week schedule so I'll be able to balance my schedule with working here on IBTheme. Today is my first day off in almost 2 weeks. I've looked over the forums today and noticed a few of you getting frustrated with my absence lately, and that is completely understandable. However, I need you all to also understand, I have to do what I have to do in order to get the bills paid. With IPB 4 having it's own built in theme editor and with all the complicated changes running people off to switch to different (simpler / user-friendly) software, my sales dropped by 75%. It is for this reason that I stopped premium membership sales months ago because I knew by taking on another job, I couldn't promise a fast production of themes to keep things moving like I was before. I am not, nor having I been able to for quite some time; been able to give anyone any definite on if or when a theme will be made or released for this very reason. It takes about 3 to 4 days minimum to create a theme. If I only sell 5 of those themes, that's $125. If I get 2 of those out a week, that's $250 for the week that I make for total income. IF they even sell. That's $1000 a month IF I'm lucky enough to make 5 sales per theme, which lately, I'm not. No one can live on that low of an income these days. The other job I have now has me working my butt off, non-stop for 8 hours straight with no chance to sit down even once. No breaks, no chance to rest at all. So when I get home, I'm drained to the point of total exhaustion. I usually get home around 4am at the end of the night. By the time I get my shower and get in bed, it's about 5am. I sleep till about noon or 1pm. I get up, get my coffee, get a couple hours of work done on the computer and then it's time to make dinner for the family and spend time with the husband and kids. So I get most of my computer work (themes) done on my days off. IF I get any work done on these themes on the days I go in to work late in the afternoon, that's great, but I can't guarantee that. Also, since I'm the part time girl, then that means I'm the one on call when someone calls in sick, so I may end up being called in on my day off at the last minute when I may have had plans to work on my themes. I can't control this happening and I can't refuse the extra work. Now that I'm trained and my schedule is leveling out, I can start producing more themes. I'm off 3 days this week. I'm finishing up custom themes right now for a customer that had a very large order of several themes. This has been taking all my spare time when I'm not at my other job. I will have these customs finished up this week. Once they are done, I will be stopping ALL custom themes indefinitely, until IBTheme's business picks up enough to be where it use to be and I no longer have to work an additional outside job anymore. I realize that I'm going to have to get a LOT of themes released in the theme shop for that to happen, so that is my goal. I do not want to have to work 2 jobs, trust me. I'm doing everything I can to make sure this is temporary. IBTheme is my pride and joy. My baby. It is my first priority, BUT... I have to answer to a boss with this other job, and they don't let me set my own hours, so there's that to consider. I WILL still be offering upgrading of custom themes already done, so if you have a custom theme made by me, YES, I will still offer upgrade services to you. Don't worry. I just wont be taking any more new custom theme orders anymore for a while, until further notice. It is my wish, my goal, and my every intention to build IBTheme back up to where I use to be. I was making money in my sleep and didn't have to work 2 jobs before IPB 4.x series came along and ruined it for me and all the other theme designers. This new version of the software is far more complicated to custom theme, takes more time and is a total nightmare to work with as well as the fact that is is no longer user-friendly to IPS customers so people just aren't spending the money on themes like they use to back with IPB 3.x series. Many other theme designers shut their sites down because of this. I am NOT doing that. I just have to find a balance for my time so I can maintain both jobs right now and my family life. As it is now, I have to spend 4th of July working here alone on the computer all day and then at 3pm go in to my 2nd job and work till 4am while my family is out having fun for the holiday. I wouldn't be doing that if I didn't have to. If I raise my theme prices, it chases off customers. If I make themes to slowly, it chases off customers. If I take time to make custom themes, it chases off customers.... add all this up and it equals a LOT of stress on me and a lot of people yelling at me, fussing, complaining and I just don't want to be here. So PLEASE, I'm asking you all to TRY To understand.... I'm still here... I'm still working my butt off to get themes out for you guys.... I'm NOT shutting my site down..... I'm still dedicated to IBTheme. I just need to get caught up this week and then get some themes out for you guys. Meanwhile, we not have YET ANOTHER freaking upgrade IPB 4.2 I think... lurking around the corner. WONDERFUL! More work for me, to hold me up from releasing anything new. These constant upgrades are getting ridiculous to say the least. If it were up to me, I would stop all this constant random upgrading and focus on making the current version outstanding... but instead, they insist on cramming all these features into the IPB software, making it NON-user-friendly more and more each upgrade and causing me to waste countless hours / days upgrading, editing, etc. I'm praying that 4.2 has a better method for upgrade changes for themes so that it cuts back on all this disastrous, unnecessary mess of constant editing and upgrading. Anyway... if all goes as planned, I'll be done with my custom work Thursday or Friday then I'll be working on getting a new theme or 2 out for you guys. I am doing the best I can. Please bear with me. Sherri
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    I am truly sorry to all of you for my absence lately. As some of you may already know, my husband of 22 years came home from offshore and went straight into the arms of another woman. He left me and he is demanding a divorce but he will not file anytime soon in fear of paying alimony. He took all the money, closed our bank account, cancelled my credit card and debit card and is refusing to help me in any way. He also cost me my part time bartending job as well. I have 2 weeks before the 1st when I lose my house and my car if I can't come up with $1000 total to pay rent and car payment. Please know that I am working around the clock along with Pete & Wotsit to get these themes out to you guys as soon as possible. Right now, my life depends on it. I have no where to go and no one to stay with and no one to help me. I am on my own. I've never been alone before in my entire life and I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this. The first 10 days after he left me, I pretty much stayed curled up in a ball crying and throwing up. My head injury he caused is now healed so I'm able to work just fine, but there is a LOT of things I've been trying to take care of. Unfortunately, I can't afford an attorney to take him to court to get financial support and we don't have many resources in this area I live in to help me since I don't have small children, so I am pretty much screwed. Now you all know what has been going on and why I haven't been here. I thought these problems would just go away, but they only got worse. Now, IBTheme is my only hope for survival. Please know that I am trying very hard to get these themes out. Matt is working on a patch to help fix our export problems with the themes that have custom images. In the mean time, I'm working on a theme that has no custom images, only css edits, so I can at least get something out to you guys a.s.a.p. Sherri