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  1. The Valentine's Day theme for IPB 4.1 has just been released! Click here to buy ► Premium Members ►

    Save on IPB Themes, Custom Theme Design & Premium Membership Hurry!!! Sale ends Sunday night, January 31st, 2016 at midnight central time USA!! CLICK HERE► IBTheme is having our first big sale since the release of IPB 4. Save $5 on themes, save $10 on premium membership and save $50 on custom theme design deposits AND save another $50 on custom theme completion (final payment) if paid before the sale ends. That's a total savings of $100 on a custom theme design. This is something I only offer ONCE EACH YEAR. Hurry now before the sale ends. (see details below)... Save $5 Off a theme with coupon code: JAN5OFFTHEME Save $10 on 6 month & 1 year premium membership with coupon code: JAN10PREM Save $50 on custom theme design deposit PLUS another $50 off custom theme design final payment with coupon code: CUSTOM50JAN (note: to take advantage of the $50 off final payment, you MUST make the final payment before the sale ends even if the theme is not yet complete. There will be no extensions once the sale ends. You can use this coupon code for as many custom themes as you like during the dates of this sale.) Don't forget we just released the "Red Pro" theme AND the "Soft Blue" theme for IPB 4.1 and we expect to release the "Valentine's Day" theme for IPB 4.1 by the end of the week. (Thursday or Friday) Preview all of these themes (including the Valentine's Day theme) live NOW on IBTheme Forums.      
  3. Soft Blue 4.1 Released!

    Soft Blue 4.1 Released! Purchase Here ► Premium Member Download ►  If you purchased this theme for IPB 4.0 the upgrade is already in your client area purchase area for free!
  4. Thank you so much @Wotsit. You are so amazing.  I am happy to work as much as I can for any help that is needed to make your forums beautiful.
  5. Christmas has always been such a HUGE celebration in our home. Not just because of gifts, but with the decorations we do together as a family, and the baking and spending time together, but for the first time ever, my family will not have Christmas this year. My husband works offshore, and as many of you know, over 250,000 offshore workers have been laid off in the past few months. My husband was one of the lucky ones who didn't lost his job, but they cut his time back to only working 2 weeks out of ever 6 weeks, which is killing us, and with the new release of IPB 4 and many not converting over yet, IBTheme sales are not yet anywhere near where they use to be. We will soon lose our phones and internet and shortly after, the electricity and we are worried that we will soon lose our home which is 3 months overdue in rent. My husband leaves tomorrow to go back out offshore to work for 2 weeks so he wont be here with us for Christmas and New Years. It's our last Christmas before my daughter leaves to go to college in June, so needless to say, this has been a difficult holiday season for us. But, on the up side, our little family has been very blessed. We have our health and the will to work to pull through this, so for Christmas I will be here working in hopes to finish up a New Year theme and a couple of our old theme upgrades for IPB 4 as well. In addition, now is a great time to order custom work if anyone needs any done for them. I'm determined to get us through this, and focusing on my work is the best thing I can do right now, so if anyone needs custom work done that maybe you've been putting off, please let me know and maybe we can get started on it for you and have it ready for the new year. I hope you all have a very blessed holiday! Big Hugs! ~Sherri
  6. Working on a new years theme, and then upgrading Blue Pro and Cambridge. :xmas15:

    1. JimC


      Looking forward to the new Blue Pro for 4.1 :)

    2. FarookAhmed


      Just switched my forum to IP. Cant wait for a good skin. 

    3. nylyon


      Anxiously awaiting Cambridge!

  7. Purchase Question

    Immediately from "Manage Purchases" link under the IBTheme Shop main link up to on the navigation menu.
  8. White Christmas 4.1.5 Theme Released! Guess What ...???!!!! Yep! We just released the "White Christmas" theme for IPB 4.1! Premium Member Download ► Buy Now! ► Preview Live on the IBTheme forums ►
  9. Working on the "White Christmas" theme for IPB 4.1

  10.  Christmas Noel 4.1.4 Released! Premium Members ►  Buy Now! ►  
  11. Red Pro Theme for IPB 4.1 Released

    Thank you Guardian!
  12. This weekend only, premium memberships are on sale. They will go back up to normal price Monday morning. We also have ONE lifetime premium membership still available. It's our last one, so grab it before it's gone!
  13. We are pleased to announce that the Red Pro theme for IPB 4.1 has been released in the IBTheme Shop today.
  14. I do not like

    @OmekaTeam Red Pro has been upgraded for IPB 4.1.3 now and it has also been enhanced to look even better.
  15. Custom template modification

    This would be something you would have to have done by a programmer. It would require some theme template edits, but mostly programming done to the software. I would be able to do the them, but I could not add in the code for the advertising part. Please let me know how you would like to proceed. Thank you, Sherri