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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY........ :)

  2. has got the skin.....yippee!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks hun for the redesign- i love it.
  4. Order>FAO Sherri

    ORDER 1380 sorry Sherri, my site is www.rs-mania.co.uk. I can install it myself, but i have my own logo and text -do you need this. I alos need the download asap please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also i have duplicated my order. This was the original order and theres one for 1410
  5. order 1410

    okay-ive just had my new board installed see, and its looking naked!!!
  6. order 1410

    When can i expect this please???/
  7. RS-Mania...

    This is my site for Ford RS car owners....... http://www.rs-mania.co.uk You will see it features the Etomite CMS system. Cant wait to upgrade to the new board and use Sheris new magistral skin which used to be called Beachcomb. I have ordered it, just waiting for order confirmation. Sherri the updated version looks 110%-thank you for doing it.