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  1. Wow - look at this new skin. Seascape is AMAZING. What a gift you have Sherri

    1. Sherri


      Thank you Mark! :)

  2. You know when you have something special, when the work put into it is way more than you pay for the outcome / result. That would be Sherri. Her talents have far outdone anything else that I've seen on other boards IMHO... That's a compliment - not a boast. The work that Sherri does is way more than anything else out there - period. I understand that some of you don't like the content related to God - or any ministry dealing with Jesus, but look at this site for the quality and artistry of it - if anything else. This site was done just before Sherri's vacation. I am in awe of this one. it is going to be used for children with special needs, terminally ill or just children in need of a hot meal. This site will also give away little furry friends (stuffed animals) with a message, and a little booklet with the child's name in it. We will have t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc... And - our plan is to minister to as many children as we possibly can. The web site is::::::::::; Furry Paws of Love Ministry...... The URL of the site is:: http://www.furrypawsoflove.org Please visit the gallery, chat, other areas, videos, etc.. just to see how much work went into this skin. I am going to put a special advertisement on the site for Sherri - as she is so deserving. I hope you like this skin - as it is still in process of being filled out with content and goodies. If you have any thought of having a custom skin done, go no where else. Honestly. This is the best Mark
  3. Sharing a new site with everyone...

    I wanted to thank you for your offer. That would be fantastic if you could send along the translations. I have so many going up now - it's hard to work on them all as they deserve. God Bless You....
  4. I can not believe the amaing work Sherri did on my custom skin.

    1. Sherri


      Thank you so much Mark! I'm so glad you're happy with it. :)

  5. Sharing a new site with everyone...

    Thank you Zambooy... I have about 6 different boards going up all at once, and have to try to divide my time between them. But - I'm hoping to get help with the site from a long time friend who is a Pastor too. I think once people do join and participate, it will go far. Thank you so much for your thoughts. I did design the logo in photoshop - and have also started to make logo's just like it to be used in coffee mugs, t-shirts - etc... So - I pray it goes far. Thanks again for your thoughts, Mark
  6. Sharing a new site with everyone...

    Thank you very much. Yea - I worked on that one for about an hour. I also did new ' default_large.png ' and ' default_thumb.png '. Mark
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to share this site with you. It has only been up now for a couple days. I've made some customizations to the Total Ecstasy theme, and am pretty proud of the changes. I also had some help from tAPir on some menu code issues. This site is maybe not some of your cup of tea, but it is something I'm really proud of. http://www.prayformeprayforyou.com This is a support and encouragement site for those who pray. I am also using the KeyCaptha for registration - not recaptcha. It has really cut way down on spam and bot registrations. I love the concept of lining up graphical images to prove one isn't a bot. I'd be interested to see what you think if you stop by. Thanks for your input. Mark
  8. In the hospital............ Bad MS attack.......

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    2. IllinoisDEV


      Thank you SO MUCH Sheri. I'm in a great place... And lots of hot nurses - what could be better? LOL

    3. Wolfie


      I want one of those hot nurses.

    4. trekkiemonster


      Get well soon Merekh!

  9. Masonic Patriots - Discussion for Freemasons regarding the future of the USA This site is using the new Remembrance skin, and is using all of the space that the logo area provides. Also, I am working on new images for forum status, and currently online members. Tremendous work by Sheri on this one. I am having a hard time with finding where to change the text color or layouts, as you see when you try to register - you can not see the text that is not within a beige background. I am having that issue also with the IP-Content as well. But, other than that, I am really thrilled with the work done on this skin... Mark.......
  10. Raining cats and dogs in this part of Florida...

  11. Love Geo-Tech Sheri. Thank you very much...

    1. Sherri


      Thank you Mark! & You're very welcome. I'll be glad when I'm caught up on all these upgrades so I can think straight for a change. I've been scatter brained the past few weeks over all this, and I miss our chats. Bare with me. I'm getting close to being caught up. Just a few more weeks to go. :)

  12. Wishing - everyone a Happy New Year

  13. Man - Sheri is one hard working gal. Thank you SO MUCH for your hard work. I truly appreciate all you do...

  14. Thank you - Very proud of my affiliation - great group of guys...