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  1. Has this issue been sorted please?
  2. Me neither Faelwen lol

  3. Responded to pm
  4. To be honest I cant really answer that, I would tend to go with the new skin shop atm But only person who can really answer is sherri Sorry not much use was that!
  5. Yes to first two. it would be best to contact Eva directly re a customised skin IBSkinShop@Gmail.com I know wasnt doing any for a while (but then had two vacanices so may be in luck We only design for ipb skins though if looking at a design you like form another source then maybe worth mentioning to Eva
  6. Did u give your forum name on the order Gracie? In fact checking, an email was sent on April 21st asking you to confirm your forum name as we couldnt load to your account as didnt supply one. Now we know hopefully will be sorted asap
  7. Sherri will be the one who will be able to answer this
  8. sorry that isnt possible
  9. Can i first of all say that i do apologise for lack of support but the question you are asking here only Eva can answer. It is or has been the holiday weekend and im sure as soon as she can gather her thoughts will be on to answer your question. Re Halloween skin, unfortuantely yes we did say would be updating for all year round, but as Eva herself has said in recent weeks she has been snowed under but is coming out the other side. They are all on a list of to dos. I know patience is probs the most annoying word in english language but if i could ask you to please be patient a little bit longer and we will try and do our best to resolve these issues. Thank you
  10. Its ip duo a skin eva gave away free if i remember correctly usnure why it isnt in downlaod section wil lmention it to her
  11. This topic has been closed. Please open a new topic if any further problems thank you
  12. I cant answer first question as im colour blind so no idea if the reds would match lol when ordering just state one header and what you want etc on it ie two skins and one cusom logo You can purchase skins at any time. They will be psoted in your downlaod area for you to downlaod when you wish them. so could be reasy and waiting for when you start
  13. Bless tapir that been a long standing issue but understand the mild heart attack!
  14. Hi Undertaker, have you ticked recieve emails from admin in your control panel? Eva normally (in fact i think always) does send a bulk out to members to inform them. If you have got it ticked and not receiving them, then may may an issue with your provdier. I know yahoo and aol sometimes dont get bulks Unfortuantley Eva is so busy i doubt very much would have time to mail indiviuals so thats entirely up to her
  15. Hello Unfortuantely I cant speak or understand written french. Could you possibly ask in English please and will do my best to answer you If its a problem with a skin which you have already purchased then please post in support. I think that is what you are saying but not sure Thanks