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    For IPS Support
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  3. IPS 4.x.x Group Icons per theme

    I had to play around with this a little. I had to delete: {{if \IPS\Member\Group::load( $comment->author()->member_group_id )->g_icon }} <li class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone'><img src='{file="$comment->author()->group['g_icon']" extension="core_Theme"}' alt='' class='cAuthorGroupIcon'></li> {{endif}} from Forums >> Topics >> Post Container and I'm still trying to center it
  4. IPS 4.x.x Group Icons per theme

    From: http://community.thehost4u.co.uk/topic/5338-having-team-icons-for-particular-theme/ Currently with IPB 4 if you use the Team Icons feature in admincp it will be applied to ALL themes which may look ok in some themes but not others. If anyone is interested the following will allow using different team icons per theme. To use Team Icons in IPB 4: Create your Team Icons making note of filenames (e.g. team_admin.png, team_mod.png) Upload your team icon images via the Manage Resources ('drop down arrow' far right of theme name) Now we need to make changes to css and templates: ========= TEMPLATE: ========= AdminCP >> Customization >> Themes >> Far right of theme name 'Edit HTML/CSS' Templates Tab Scroll down to Forums >> Topics >> Post Container Now, find where you want to place your Team Icon image and add following code:             <!-- RANK IMAGE -->                  <li class='{expression="\IPS\Member\Group::load( $comment->author()->member_group_id )" raw="true"}'></li>                              <!-- END RANK IMAGE --> Save ==== CSS ==== In custom.css add: /*** THE FOLLOWING IS TO REMOVE THE GROUP TEXT SHOWN IN cAuthorPane PANEL ***/ .cAuthorPane_info span { display: none; } /*** FOLLOWING WILL PLACE THE GROUP ICON IMAGE YOU UPLOADED TO MANAGE RESOURCES ***/ /*** MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR OWN FILENAME, APP AND LOCATION ***/ .Administrators { background: url({resource="team_admin.png" app="core" location="custom"}) no-repeat; display: block; height: 48px; /** HEIGHT OF YOUR IMAGE **/ } Repeat above for all Groups NOTE: the classes used MUST be EXACTLY same as the Group Names in your AdminCP (note the A instead of a) Once done, save The above will only add the team icons to THAT THEME for other Themes you will have to do same as above for each Theme.
  5. Just keep churning out the Themes. I don't have enough members left to justify a Custom LOL
  6. I've recreated the Donation block as it had disappeared. If anyone has any money left to give at this time of year you know where it's needed
  7. Purchase Question

    I see Sherri has fixed that and you have downloaded it. I marked your support ticket as Resolved.
  8. Is it ready yet? = (Said in the same voice as kids say "Are we there yet?") :)

    1. nylyon


      Yes, just around the next upgrade... :o

  9. updates on skins to v4

    I find using graphics can, most of the time, stuff up the responsive ability of the theme. It's just so blummin annoying to change one thing and discover IPS has put the !important tag in another .css thus killing any chance of putting everything in custom.css or to get your IP banned because you've refreshed to often trying to see what you've just altered. I'm sure you'll get round it eventually - just treet it like your husband :p
  10. updates on skins to v4

    I might have it wrong but I don't think any skins will be ported to themes EXCEPT the ones already earmarked when they were sold. i.e. they were marked as a free upgrade to 4.0. The next skin in the pipeline is a Halloween skin.
  11. I do not like

    I use Red Pro on my own site and it's installed here. What doesn't work for you because there's nothing in the bug tracker except one I put there?
  12. There's a status update?

  13. updates on skins to v4

    I'm just glad it went up to Tier III.  I didn't feel as stupid then that I couldn't fix it.  It wasn't slow because it was from when it was first released so we expected Invision to be inundated with support requests.  We just switched IBSkin back on
  14. updates on skins to v4

    No. I'm sorry we can't. It took Invision five days just to get the board online. It took me four days just to get the Premium Members area fixed.  It will probably take Sherri as long to fix the Shop.  That's after she's got Invision to fix the bugs thrown by trying to update the shop links.  As you see, the support area doesn't work so she has to fix that too. She's got to do all that before she even thinks of re-writing a skin to a theme.