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  1. but I don't know if Premium Members are any different. Oooooh I didn't know that a skin could be used on more than one site at a time. I lived by the 'one purchase = one site' rule. Learned something new. Awesome to hear. Will need to dig around for some fund$.. Trying to bring life back into one community but didn't want to totally neglect another, thus the question. Thanks @ both of ya.
  2. When having/using a premium membership, are there any limits to how many sites the skins may be used on? I mean other than it has to be my site (that's a duh, IMO). But since I have more than one community, am I limited to only one, or to as many as I have (currently two but might end up with three down the road).
  3. I saw the announcement about not taking custom skin orders right now, but this isn't an actual order. It's more of a feel for a possible order in a couple of months or so, depending on when 3.2.0 is released and when custom orders are accepted again. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/289065-a-sneeeky-peek-at-an-upcoming-skin/page__view__findpost__p__1838612 I was hoping that it would have been done as a premium skin but hasn't happened. Darn. How much to finish the red/yellow version of the skin? How much for the red/yellow and at the same time a blue/yellow version of it? Would it be possible to do it in a light background instead of dark? I'm not sure if it would look right or not, thus this question. The red style would be good for my N-Raged site, since the point/theme of N-Raged is about being mad. That's not really a question but some info to help you with determining what you would do to give it the right feel. A blue variation I think would work well for another site I have. Having both sites to have the same overall feel but with different moods (based on color) I think wold help them to associate better.
  4. Ah okie dokie. Was about to make a purchase and wasn't sure if I was supposed to handle it a particular way or not. Thanks.
  5. I have a few 3.0 skins, unless I was in an alternate universe, I thought that upgrades were offered at discounted prices. So for things like v3.1 of White Christmas and other skins, how would I get the discount? Or are there no discounts offered now?
  6. Was wondering if there were any plans to update any of these skins for v3.x : Evolution, FreedomTech and Technotronic
  7. We only expect perfection because of the high quality you have delivered in the past. :) Don't know about the rushing though, things take time.