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  1. As reported here and here. I reported this issue on the IPS bug tracker since it looks to be an issue with the default skin (see report here). Earlier, bfarber went ahead and marked it as confirmed, with the perspective of looking into it to see if it will help (overall) with custom skins. My feeling is that maybe some (css) elements were meant to be added but were forgotten, which would explain why it fails on a lot of skins despite no changes being made to that bit. So, at least as far as Gallery 5.0.4 is concerned, the patches are necessary. Hopefully, if there is a 5.0.5, it can be reverted back to default. Want to give kudos to for taking on the load of fixing each of the skins to address the issue in the meantime.
  2. Q about premium

    but I don't know if Premium Members are any different. Oooooh I didn't know that a skin could be used on more than one site at a time. I lived by the 'one purchase = one site' rule. Learned something new. Awesome to hear. Will need to dig around for some fund$.. Trying to bring life back into one community but didn't want to totally neglect another, thus the question. Thanks @ both of ya.
  3. Q about premium

    When having/using a premium membership, are there any limits to how many sites the skins may be used on? I mean other than it has to be my site (that's a duh, IMO). But since I have more than one community, am I limited to only one, or to as many as I have (currently two but might end up with three down the road).
  4. I saw the announcement about not taking custom skin orders right now, but this isn't an actual order. It's more of a feel for a possible order in a couple of months or so, depending on when 3.2.0 is released and when custom orders are accepted again. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/289065-a-sneeeky-peek-at-an-upcoming-skin/page__view__findpost__p__1838612 I was hoping that it would have been done as a premium skin but hasn't happened. Darn. How much to finish the red/yellow version of the skin? How much for the red/yellow and at the same time a blue/yellow version of it? Would it be possible to do it in a light background instead of dark? I'm not sure if it would look right or not, thus this question. The red style would be good for my N-Raged site, since the point/theme of N-Raged is about being mad. That's not really a question but some info to help you with determining what you would do to give it the right feel. A blue variation I think would work well for another site I have. Having both sites to have the same overall feel but with different moods (based on color) I think wold help them to associate better.
  5. Upgrade discounts?

    Ah okie dokie. Was about to make a purchase and wasn't sure if I was supposed to handle it a particular way or not. Thanks.
  6. Upgrade discounts?

    I have a few 3.0 skins, unless I was in an alternate universe, I thought that upgrades were offered at discounted prices. So for things like v3.1 of White Christmas and other skins, how would I get the discount? Or are there no discounts offered now?
  7. When the internal width of the view is under 1096 pixels, the header/logo area breaks. Kind of sad to see that, as I really like the way the skin looks. It's calm/pleasing on the eyes and all shiny like a new penny.
  8. Was wondering if there were any plans to update any of these skins for v3.x : Evolution, FreedomTech and Technotronic
  9. We only expect perfection because of the high quality you have delivered in the past. :) Don't know about the rushing though, things take time.