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  1. I hope that Evanescence is doing ok...

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    2. Forsaken


      Im not, i have not talked to her at all but i hope she is ok and we see her soon!

    3. Sherri


      I'm back guys, and doing well. It was one of my brothers in the hospital with a stroke. I'm so sorry I left without word. I was in a panic.

    4. Forsaken


      Dont blame you a bit, family is always first!!

  2. Custom Skin...

    Perfect, thanks a ton taPir!!
  3. Custom Skin...

    Would it be better to ask later perhaps? I know evanescence is having computer issues at the moment so things are off at the moment but was curious if she still even made custom skins...
  4. Custom Skin...

    Lol, good to see you too man!!
  5. Custom Skin...

    Ok so we are about to the point of a custom skin but im wondering where you guys are setting at the moment. I can show you almost exactly what is needed but wont talk about it in public but i have a few questions. Like, Once we get a custom skin do we get updates because the release of ipb 3.0 is coming soon & if so how much? Also does it come compatable with the gallery, blog, downloads, ect, ect? Is your price still around $350.00 with a half down type of deal or has that changed? Im sorry if there is a guide for this, im not smart enough to find it...