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I have a few questions. First is on the premium membership. Does the premium membership include the skins such as Royal Christmas 2.3? I looked in the premium download area and there didn't appear to be any 2.3 skins in there.

Next, I was all set to buy the Royal Christmas 2.3 (love the deep reds) but when Nexus came up the words were in black and I could not read the fields, then there appeared to be other places with the black letters on dark background making it difficult to read.

Finally, will you have a New Years 2012 2.3 skin?



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Before I try and answer that ... do you mean 3.2?

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It's been a long day... Yes, I do mean 3.2, I'm sorry.

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I am waiting for Evanescence to come back to work on Wednesday for an answer about the dark text because I believe she may have uploaded the wrong versions. So, I'd hang fire on Majestic and Royal until she's had chance to look at them.

You should be able to see the 3.2 skins in the Premium Members area but if not drop me a PM and I'll send you a link.

When I spoke to Evanescence last she said she'd be starting work on a New Year skin on Wednesday :)

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