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Can vitality be customized for a price?

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I like the look of Vitality 3.3.3 and I was wondering how much of a job it would be and costs to have just a few of the colors changed. Actually I have the colors available but I think I may have to talk to you in private so that I can make myself as clear as possible. The biggest question at this point would be would you consider looking at the job?

This is not from my current site, instead, it is just placed for show on my old site called

The theme is for the old site software that I used before IP. (that is xenforo that is seen in the image)



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Yes, this can be done. If you will email me the info, I can give you a more accurate estimate on the cost. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the quick reply!!

I will pull the stuff together tomorrow morning for you to look at.

Thanks! :drinks:

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