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IBTheme (formerly known as IBSkin) has been in business since January 2003 and is one of the oldest and most trusted IPB skinning companies in the IPS community to date. Sherri, our owner and theme designer, makes some of the most unique and highly graphical skins you'll find anywhere. Visit the IBTheme Portfolio Gallery to view her past works. To see her latest works, just log on to the IBTheme forums to view all our current theme, pre-made and custom, live in action. In August 2017 Pete Treanor join forces to bring the latest plugins and provide the coding knowledge to IBTheme allowing Sherri to keep her work update with the latest theme options available to the IPS Suite. The IBTheme Shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all holidays. Once you make your purchase, your product download is available to you right away in your client area. We've even included a step by step video tutorial with each download that shows you exactly how to install your theme with ease.
Every skin and theme created here at IBTheme is designed to work with all IPS applications. IP.Forums, IP.Pages, IP.Gallery, IP.Blog, IP.Downloads, IP.Commerce & IP.Calendar. They even work with a lot of 3rd party applications for our 4.2.x themes and when these applications are updated to versions that work with IPS 4.2.x we will make our themes work with those and much more. If you're using a 3rd party application that is not compatible with one of our skins, we'll fix it for you. Simply open a support ticket and let us know which application you're using and we'll get you fixed up right away! All our skins and themes are highly customized in every way possible. Headers, layouts, topic view, categories and much more, are all highly customized. All graphics used in creating our designs are created by Sherri herself, using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and The wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet. She has been an artist all her life and brings this amazing talent to all her IPS skin and theme designs. It is very rare, if ever, that we use royalty free stock images in our designs unless requested by the customer.
All our skins and themes are designed using the latest technology possible. CSS3 and HTML5 are only two examples of modern coding that we included in all our works, to insure the best functionality and presentation in all our products. All IBTheme products come branded with the IBTheme copyright. IBTheme offers you the choice to remove this branding from any and all of our products for a small fee. You'll find this option in the IBTheme Shop under the Add-Ons & Services section.
You'll find that all our designs are versatile ranging from professional business, high tech and gaming themes to cute, feminine, seasonal and holiday skins and then we also have low graphic basic themes for those that like to keep it simple. And if you would like to have a custom design created especially for you, we can do that too. We use a solid base framework in which we build all our skins and themes. In doing this, it allows us to upgrade all our skin and themes quickly and easily when necessary. Often IPS will release upgrades to the underlying software which requires us to upgrade our products as well. Rest assured that we work as quickly as possible to get these upgrades out to you as fast as we can with minimal waiting.
All PSD's used in creating our skins and themes are included in each and every download pack for easy personalised customisation for commonly edited areas such as the header, logo, team icons and meta images. Of course, if you prefer for us to customise these areas for you, we offer these add-on services in our theme shop for a small fee. All fonts used in creating our skins and themes are included in each and every download pack. This way, if you choose to edit your own PSD files that are also included, you'll have all the tools you need to do so with ease. All fonts we use are true type and open type fonts and are compatible with Windows operating systems.
Help and support is available to all our customers 24 hours a day. We have our public support forum in which all members can read and reply to give you quick help and we also offer high quality, one on one support through our support ticket system where one of our staff will assist you in getting your issues resolved as quickly as possible. Rest assured that any information we collect from you in order to resolve your issue, is kept completely confidential and never shared with anyone. IBTheme is one of the very few IPS resource sites that offers one on one telephone support for all our customers. During normal business hours, you can speak directly with Sherri herself on any issue you're having or to order a custom skin and discuss the details. Simply open a support ticket and ask to speak directly with Sherri or you can get the phone number from your PayPal sales receipt. Please check our home page for current normal business hours before calling.
When you purchase individual skins and themes, you'll receive unlimited upgrades and support for a year. You may continue to use your current version for free or you can continue receiving unlimited upgrades and support for the items you've purchased for a small fee of $10.00 every year. You can opt out at any time. There is no commitment required. IBTheme is always releasing new products, having sales events and even buy 1 get 1 free offers. When we do, we always send out a newsletter to all our members who have opted in to receiving admin emails, and we also post these announcements on facebook and twitter. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with all our latest news, sales and new releases!
IBTheme offers several options in purchasing all our products. You can purchase them individually or you can purchase one of our all access membership options. When you purchase individual items, you'll receive unlimited upgrades and support for a year. You may continue to use your current version for free or you can continue receiving unlimited upgrades and support for a small fee of $10.00 every year You can opt out of receiving upgrades and support at any time. There is no commitment required. Or, save time and money by purchasing one of our all access memberships and receive unlimited downloads of all our products, unlimited upgrades, unlimited support & even unlimited copyright removal, unlimited theme installation & unlimited logo text editing with some packages, all for one low price.