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  3. Oh that my fault must not checked the file when zip it up.
  4. FYI the latest Zip file update has a copy of the older 436 directory included in it along with the new 107.
  5. Your welcome if spot any more issues let.us know.
  6. Awesome, thank you Pete! Just installed the dark editor and it finishes it off nicely.
  7. 1) fixed 2) fixed 3) fixed 4) yes its different one called moono dark I have already applied the patch on your site now only item not done is the editor but i nice and here a link https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/moono-dark
  8. PMd a log in for you. Not urgent! Fixed the Calendar guest view permission. In doing so I noticed some more areas: the top and bottom of my Notifications list (when you click the bell icon) is white but here it is the pumpkin orange colour. If you scroll down the calendar, a floating white tool bar appears in default colours. My Chatbox Emoticon top and bottom bars are still white for some reason, but I did upload new the version released here on Monday. Clearing local browser and IPS Support caches and Cloudflare didn't fix it. My text editor has the white buttons with black background, but yours here is all dark. Are you using different fonts or editor?
  9. Blimey, it should be guest viewable, but you're right it's not. I will check that ASAP and PM you Admin access.
  10. Ok it's not guest viewable so needed sign-up so see how fix it.
  11. Lol! Sure, here's the url link: millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/tiwwa/calendar/event/527-halloween-traditional-midnight-episode-viewing/ Thanks Pete.
  12. can tell me how get the top one lol as no idea where that is part from calendar
  13. I will take look at this get fixed before weekend.
  14. Hi, Spotted some more default IPS grey and white areas in Happy Halloween: Calendar Reviews & Comments Also replies to PMs are default too.
  15. I take look as want bring over new primary nav style like the other themes but requires bit work and today been little busy so hopefully I get sorted tomorrow or Wednesday but thank you feedback as help us provide good quality themes.
  16. Thank you very much for the quick responses, it works great now! One other item I wanted to share feedback on is the text color in the drop down menus for like "Browse" and "Activity" at the top. Maybe consider making the menu items be white color or bright light blue like other text so they are easier to see. Again, thank you for the great support and quick responses.
  17. Hi @Woffie you should come back to ips forums
  18. Love Pumpkin Patch. it was one of my favorites.
  19. Hi Pete, I first noticed the 404 errors in my browser console first on my own site, but not here. From memory, I think it was in IBTheme.css but it's definitely in the actual theme.xml file from Premium Downloads.
  20. Ok this fixed in my update that need upload
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