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  1. Yesterday
  2. Spring Fling issue

    Upgrade, let me try a fresh install of the theme
  3. Spring Fling issue

    Was issue on Fresh or when upgrade so see what causing the issue.
  4. Evave 4.2.x DEMO PLEASE ?

    Your sure talking about same mobile navigation ? We have 4.2.7 installed and no issue have been spotted if was bug we fix it, and background image can be added by you but unsure what theme would look like.
  5. Last week
  6. Spring Fling issue

    The shoutbox will not load on the Spring Fling theme. It works fine on the other themes. I had the same issue with my 4.1.17 themes I was using from here. I suspect it was some small thing that was missed in the theme upgrade.

    thanks, all set
  8. Evave 4.2.x DEMO PLEASE ?

    Also there is no top navigation on mobile version of this theme cam you fix that before purchase ? As 98% of my members use smart phone to access my website.
  9. Evave 4.2.x DEMO PLEASE ?

    Thank you will try it trough the day. 2 questions. 1. Will this work with 4.2.7 And 2. Can I add background image to it? If not can you make it do that there us option to add background image please ? Thank you.
  10. Evave 4.2.x DEMO PLEASE ?

    We installed theme here if go to bottom see the options and click Evave and will display.

    i am fixing now
  12. Hi I would like to try this theme Evave 4.2.x before I buy it to see what it looks like on mobile device. Can you please send me link to demo so I can take look on my mobile phone as well as tablet to see what it looks like I'm sorry I don't want to splash out $20 box just for guess. Thanks


    I have no download link for Bucked up or Spring Fling
  15. I have a question

    Glad to hear it Pete!
  16. I have a question

    its not abandon and still rebuilding a lot items need back end work so looks like nothing been done front end but there but lot work in back end make site better.
  17. I have a question

    Why bother rebuilding this site then abandon it again? What is the purpose?
  18. Earlier
  19. News Update

    Not much action around here
  20. Merry Christmas IBTheme

    It's fixed now.
  21. Merry Christmas IBTheme

    I will check now should be option download give me few mins.
  22. Merry Christmas IBTheme

    Hi Pete, I don't know if you know but it doesn't seem that we can download anything yet. There are options to buy but not to download? Many thanks.
  23. Simplicity Red Custom Work

    Hi Andy, The request to change the color is not easy item but one we can provide be will be custom job please send support ticket via here and take care you from there.
  24. What are your plans after 4.2 is released?

    A good stock of Pages article templates with great typography would be a great offering and in high demand, and I think IBTheme could make some fantastic trophy and awards badges for the awesome Fosters Trophies and Awrds mod. Great opportunity there.
  25. What are your plans after 4.2 is released?

    Just a suggestion Pete/Sherri, but perhaps simplify/summarise the front home page content. Too much small text, I imagine visitors who have searched out a theme site will want to see the best themes first rather than too much textual copy. Push the great looking themes and must have plug-ins first, with news updates, featured testimonials/reviews/comments etc. The text information is needed but perhaps break it up a bit, summarise with a 'learn more' link, bullet points etc. You could highlight themes by category, say business themes, light and dark themes, gaming themes, seasonal themes etc and highlight the theme costs, premium packages, any offers/sales etc.
  26. Merry Christmas IBTheme

    Thank you Pete, much appreciated. My post comes across as a mix of rant and frustration, so apologies for that and for not seeing your reply until now. I'll check my notifications options. I can see you've been very busy sorting things out. The site loading seems more responsive today.
  27. News Update

    Thank you for the update Pete, much appreciated. NYE theme looking great thank you. Just a few font issues you're probably aware of (black text on dark blue background in and hard to see editor font colour issues). All the best for 2018.
  28. News Update

    IB Theme and IPS Themes have now merged into one big site and this allows both customs to enjoy the big range of themes and now plugins, we have also rebuilt the download area to allow everyone to accress the plugin area. Many people have asked what changed ? first nothing has changed all membership's all valid allow members of IB Theme accress the themes as normal and support is available to every customer using the support forum or support ticket. Then next question people asked why did we close ? This was only safe way to merge to big sites into one make sure all data was transferred correctly but please if any files missing please send me direct PM and i will fix the issue. Also very good news Sherri has been working on new theme called Happy New Year 2017 and will be ready for the shop for people to enjoy on there site if you not already checked out the theme, its live here under the theme option called Happy New Year (set as default). I also would like thank every customer of IB Theme and IPS Themes for the continue supporting us and like also wish you all Happy New Year and in 2018 we be bring more new items and looking forward to 4.3.x.
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