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  2. The SSL has been fixed now as seems one installed Sherri few days back failed.
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  4. Fist thing You need to do is fix your SSL certificate on this site, my browsers show an unsecure error before you even get to ibtheme. some people wont go any further when they see the warning. Can you give me an idea when the updates to the themes will be completed, my only interest is Cambridge but I want to get my forum updated. If I have some sort of time frame I don't have to keep coming on here each day looking. Thanks
  5. Very glad to see you and ibtheme back!
  6. Last week when wanting to log in @IBTheme and seeing an error I thought "Gosh, will we have no more nice designed themes from Sherri ?" Now I'm glad to see you back, but I hope that with your (probably) busy schedule, you will find the time to update some of your themes.
  7. I’m a diehard, good to see you back.
  8. Earlier
  9. Hey guys, Thank you for being so patient while I got us moved over to our new server. It's been many years since I've had to do that alone. Over the past couple of years I have gone through a lot of life changes, to include a divorce after 23 years together, losing my main admin helper, Wotsit, due to his personal schedule changing and now Pete has had to step away for a time due to his personal schedule, so now it's just me. I'm starting to get used to this alone thing. I think it suits me, to be honest. But, I'm hoping to find some help keeping IBTheme going during the hours I can't be here because of classes. I hate not having a work partner. I've always had someone helping me ever since I first started IBSkin back in 2003. The problem is, finding someone I can trust. First, let me say... IBTheme will NOT be closing. EVER! I have worked 16 years since 2003 to keep this site alive and kicking and I'm not about to let it go after all that hard work and dedication. I've just had to try to adjust with all these recent changes in my life. So here's where things stand... We are on a new server, I'm running the site alone now, and I'm also a full-time college student. After my divorce, I had no choice but to go back to school for a higher education in web development to further my career because I have no official degree to obtain good employment to support myself now that I'm alone. Everything I have ever known about web development until now has been self-taught. I want ...no, I NEED to be more than just a designer. I need to know the programming side of things so I can make my themes even more desirable as well as making myself more desirable to employers. Working from home is great, but it doesn't make enough to support myself on my own right now and I have to think about my future, especially if I intend to stay single. I'm currently in school Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays. I have no classes on Wednesdays and the weekends, BUT... I do have homework. I'm taking classes on campus, not online, so my time is not my own right now. I have final exams from April 27th through May 4th, and then I'll be off for the summer to handle IBTheme full time. I've adjusted my schedule for classes for the fall so that I'm only having to be in class 2 days a week instead of 4 like I'm doing now. That way, I'll have more time to commit to IBTheme on a regular basis. If you are waiting on any custom work to be done, I have NOT forgotten about you. I promise. Please bear with me until I get through this month and final exams and I'm done with this semester, then I'll be here full time to stay on top of things with a more reliable schedule that works for all of us as of about May 5th. Right now, because I no longer have any help with upgrades and theme designs or anything else, I have no choice but to start getting these theme upgrades done ASAP and get them rolling out, before I have customers screaming at me and getting upset that they can't use their themes. I want things back to normal here on the site like it use to be. I was releasing themes on a regular basis, we had a certain layout that was comfortable to all of us and I was present waaaay more than I have been lately. I intend to get it back that way. I just need more hours in the day and perhaps a clone or two. But once I'm done with finals and this semester in college, we will see a lot more of me, a lot more theme releases, a lot more timely updates and a lot better customer support. It is my intention to have IBTheme up to par and running efficiently before fall classes begin so I'm more organized and able to easily push out updates and new themes. I also need to find a way to get IBTheme more noticed and popular like we use to be, but things have changed and we can no longer advertise on IPS or post sales and new releases in the general customer forums for all to see, so it makes things a lot harder. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any. Anway... I've rambled on long enough. I have classes tomorrow and Friday but I'll be here on the site in the evenings trying to finish up this transfer and working on a few theme upgrades and then I'll be here for a half day Saturday and all day on Sunday. There is just so much that has to be done. Oh, by the way... Mondays are my longest days on campus. I have several classes that day and by the time I get home, I'm so exhausted I usually skip dinner and go straight to watching Netflix until I fall asleep, so I usually won't be here on Mondays, at least up until May 5th when classes are over for this semester.
  10. Pete, it is sad that you are leaving but family always comes first. I am glad though that you are informing us about it rather than leave us hanging here. That was very respectful. You will be missed Pete. You worked very very hard to keep all the themes updated and then some. I think I agree with Volstate, doubting if IBTheme will make it. Pete, wishing you all the best to you and your family, hoping that your wife will recover soon after her surgery!
  11. I don't see IBtheme making it. Sherry is so busy and has so much going on in her life things around here tend to go ignored. Customer service is going to go back to being non existent along with upgrades. Bad news for all us IBtheme fans 😟
  12. Hopefully IB Theme will be moved, thank you for letting us know. At least if this place goes offline we know why.
  13. Pete T


  14. First thank you kind comments I was to easy discussion to make but when my wife told me going be sometime before she was coming back home due to surgery it only left me one out come and that to leave here, Sherri should be this weekend moving IB Theme as its currently hosted on server I own thought best stay to that period but if don't move it then on 7th April I believe server will go offline.
  15. Really sad news to read you are leaving Pete but understandable and your family comes first, I have always received excellent support and help with any issues I have had in the past. Pete you will be really missed as your an asset to this place. Wishing you and your family all the best. This now leaves me with a dilemma, do I wait for Sherri to make an appearance and hope she supports and update her themes or look else where for a new theme. Sherri absence again over the last few weeks has been a issue, leaving Pete to struggle on with a bad wrist. I am surprised she has not stepped in and helped or at least made some sort of comment to put peoples minds at rest
  16. I have same very bad news from 1st April I will be stepping away from here right now I have alot on my plate, with work, family and updates my own work that become to much stay here at moment over weekend my wife taken back in hospital and yesterday news that we know going happened sooner later that she will have surgery. This means I need be more at home with kids then here. I will not be leaving IPS completely as I have lots clients that require my time and knowledge I do what can to 1st April but no April fools joke.
  17. 4.4.2 Vitality - Ready in Store and Download area Nexa - Ready in Store and Download area Magistral - Ready in Store and Download area Business One IN PROCESS Business Two NEXT BE UPDATED
  18. Nothing is down there now.
  19. I can't do a screenshot but it rolls out of the "box" and off screen.
  20. Albur

    Several bugs

    Just loaded the 4.4 version and the Our Picks photo issue seems to have resolved thankfully. However the Forum Unread icon is too large for the subforums and significantly throws off alignment. For the Blogs section, the title overlays on itself and the color disappears as black - should be white. The Polls feature is completely out of alignment And the text to View Results or View Topic is black just like the button it sits on The Albums sidebar has an "overlay" issue with text: Within the Gallery, the title of photos is lost as black: In the Store, the category section just looks off - like it's missing a top bar or something, the gradient isn't seen anywhere else in the theme, and the icon to indicate is way too light. The Subscriptions tab is off on alignment
  21. Thanks you. Will see when 4.4.x installed, then.
  22. this theme due into to 4.4.x shortly the problem will fixed in that version.
  23. Sorry to hear your having problems with your wrist, wishing you a speedy recovery as your support is really valued by us all. There are so many themes to update that you need some help at times like this.. Wish I could help but coding not my area. Its unfortunate that Sherri not about Again and does not help out at times like this, especially when your struggling with your wrist and snowed under with work.
  24. I have my own invision community let me know when you need.
  25. Yeah Sherri was back but she gone back to Study some course, hopefully i can try get few bits coding done tomorrow its been all work been doing making my wrest very painful its all work been doing my body not had lot rest really. Yeah i need someone to help i guide someone if they know way around invision just for few days.
  26. You need someone to help with theme upgrades or something else?
  27. Hope your hand gets better soon PeteT. As a server admin you def. need both hands working properly. Is Sherri having some issues and just vanished again? I thought she was back and setup again now.
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