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Seascape Skin


After 2 weeks of working a few hours here and a few hours there, late at night during my off-time (so to speak), I have finally managed to complete the "Seascape" skin for IPB 3.4.6.
I am very pleased with the design of this skin. It's been a long time since I've taken my time to really allow myself to get completely lost in my work and go above and beyond with my creativity. I think the last time I was able to do this was with the Halloween skin a few years ago. It's been rush, rush, rush with everything for so long now with all the IPS software upgrades and custom design work that I've somehow lost touch with my creative side over the past couple years. I'm so relieved to know I've still got it in me. I was beginning to worry. This skin reflects so much of my life and my everyday feelings and how I see the world. I hope all of our customers and members are able to enjoy and fully appreciate this new design and all of its mesmerizing elements it has to offer.


What a crazy Monday...


I can't believe the HOURS and HOURS I spent exporting and importing and uploading and packaging and releasing allllll 27 skins for IPB 3.3 and it was all for nothing. Only to find out that the  files were all messed up and I have to do it all over again. AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! LOL ...But, the good thing is, I've almost got them all fixed. The premium member downloads are all completely fixed now, so all I have left to get done is the updated files for the skin shop and the customer client areas. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress in the shoutbox and here in my blog. Once it is all done, I will also post it in the announcements forum and send out the newsletter to announce all the upgrade releases and the 3 new skins that were released today.

Here's hoping that Tuesday (tomorrow) is better than today. LOL Have a great day everyone! :thumbsup:




My prayers are with the families of the 31 soldiers that gave their lives yesterday in Afghanistan. I can't begin to imagine the horror their families must be suffering, but my heart can understand their pain. Tonight, I will lay my head on my pillow and be thankful that I have the freedom to do this in my own home, because of them and I will give thanks that I had the freedom to give thanks whenever, and however I choose....

But in the morning, the sun will rise, and it will be a new day, but... sadly, not yet a new president. So I will pray that Obama doesn't take these freedoms from us like he took away our bill of rights. Finally, I will give thanks to our soldiers for the freedom to pray that God blesses us with a new president soon that will give more to the people of this country than he takes away.

Amazing... isn't it ..?? This man we call our president, ...every soldier's commander in chief... he has the lives of all our soldiers in his hands, and yet, he has never had the honor to ever walk in their shoes or dawn the most beautiful uniform this world has ever seen. Our president was never a soldier. I remember when our country had enough pride to stand strong with our morals to NEVER let anyone in the presidency that has not served our country.

I never wanted to hear myself say this, or even think this, but I'm glad my time as a solder is behind me. It breaks my heart to say this, because I miss being a soldier every day of my life, but I could not serve my country under a commander that has no clue what it means to be a soldier. How can he send our soldiers in to fight when he has no respect for all those things they are fighting for?

I hope tomorrow is a better day for all of us, and I hope the family members of our fallen soldiers can find piece and comfort in knowing that there are so many of us that honor and thank them for their sacrifice.

Sweet dreams IBSkin, and to our lost soldiers... may you rest in piece in the arms of God. You will never be forgotten.