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    • I purchased the Christmas Noel theme back when it was 4.1. Am I going to have to purchase all over again or can I pay an upgrade fee?
    • So little update all the themes below have now been updated to work with 4.2.4 wow i worked hard but worth it Simplicity Red
      Ivy League
      Red Pro
      United We Stand
      Soft Blue
      Total Ecstasy
      Bucked Up
      Rough Country
      Autumn Nature
      Hallows Eve
      White Christmas
      My Valentine
      Spring Fling The following theme's still need be updated or items need adding to  Christmas Noel - missing few images waiting on Sherri. Coming Soon Revolution Red
      Revolution Blue
    • Started new board https://bangernomical.co.uk The art of buying & using an old vehicle for everyday use instead of buying a new car and losing money in depreciation etc. This is true for most things transport related. i.e.  Cars,motorcycles,pushbikes,vans,lorries,campers,caravans,trailers,boats & much more.
    • Cloed due to lack of interest.
    • Hi Everyone, As many people might know i personal have another site that do my own work on i design themes and plugins for IPS Suite and at moment its been hard work to fit in updating all my work plus the themes here but i am one to never to give up, so good news will be all my Plugins and Themes will be moving here this allow me provide support my clients and Sherri clients in one location, and will be other item coming soon that could bring this site being very busy and active IPS Community site the plan will be slowly change the current layout yet to be confirmed here to make way for new improved forum. The plan for now will be get all themes ready and packed over on IPS Community Forum this then provide people that Sherri not stop working on themes, then we will work on the moving my work over with new layout i have idea how would like it but need feedback from Sherri first. Once we done all moving the next stage will start take effect this will be posted when we ready but good stuff .  
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