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  1. Please be careful

    *Chuckles* Great find ... and wow!
  2. It really is a very beautiful and uplifting skin; great work Sherri! *thumbs up*
  3. Woot! Purchased Evave - can't wait to see what it looks like, on my forums. XD

  4. Using Genesis, Loving It

    You may also want to give this free program a try: http://paint.net/ Good luck!
  5. 1030 AM today -5

    Gorgeous winter shot. We're still waiting for our first snowfall...
  6. Given the amount of work it would entail to skin for IP Content every time, I think the prices for skins would rise to double what they are now. Not sure if it's worth it, unless Sherri gets a team of designers to help her with all that she already does... or make the day 48 hrs instead of the usual. LOL
  7. A to Z of towns (cities)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wishing all the US IBSkin Community Members a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!
  9. A Little Sneeky Peek...

    It's looking lovely, Sherri.
  10. Thank you very much, Sherri. I used your own avatar frame, it fit so perfectly! :)

  11. Whoooah! I love your profile picture / avatar thingy. That is gorgeous!

  12. Happy Birthday Woodsman!

    Best Wishes on your Birthday, Woodsman.
  13. Preview the new Halloween Dark 3.1.2

    I find the font a bit difficult to read, personally. It is a bit 'fancy' - but nothing that cannot be changed in the CSS, I suppose.
  14. A to Z of Movies

    Wrath of Khan
  15. 3.1.2

    I was happy with version 2, they really don't need to do much more than that to satisfy me.