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  1. Image import problems?

    Ok. Thanks Tapir. That worked fine. Must have been the File limit, as you said. Thanks for your help
  2. Best Skin ever!

    Hey thanks for the Info. Its getting clearer. If I upgrade to 3.0.5 though, I don't think my Aplitek would work, unless your suggesting it will. If I have to dump Aplitek and make the leap now, then I guess I could consider it, but it seemed a bit of a waste...although I guess if its done later, I could re-introduce it. Not having used a service of a Logo and/or animated one before, do you happen to know if they'll just design it based on something I have already or take a look at my site and take it from there? Cheers Robert
  3. Best Skin ever!

    Thanks. I knew that, but my situation is this: If I upgrade to 3.0.5 with my Invision Board and Purchase Magistral, can I still make the Skin Aplitek available to users who prefer it and will it work. I'm looking at getting an Animated Design done as well, which I know is chargeable, but it hangs on the question above. Robert
  4. Best Skin ever!

    All I want to know is if I can upgrade NOW, my 2.3.x to the latest...what skins I can use with it, and when will the Aplitek skin work with the latest 3.0.x
  5. Best Skin ever!

    Hi Guys I've been waiting a long time to get Aplitek Dark upgraded to Vs 3. Is it ever going to happen? My board is still on 2.3 and I want to upgrade it. I would consider buying another Skin as well, but the one I like its Magistral, which is really nice too. I've seen the ones in your Shop that are 3.0.5 compliant, but not really interested in those, so can you tell me what other skins are coming soon please. Thanks Sorry...should have posted this elsewhere.
  6. Best Skin ever!

    Thanks..I assume the download I already have work with it, and I don't need an update?
  7. Best Skin ever!

    Does Aplitex Dark work with Invision Board 2.3.6? Thanks
  8. Best Skin ever!

    I think I have to agree here!