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  1. IPS Guide - Upgrading themes to 4.2

    Thanks very much for that. I'll point Sherri towards it.
  2. 4.2 alpha release

    What makes it difficult is they haven't produced a Theme Differences report so I'm blind LOL
  3. What About Emojis?

    I too will have to search through an external disk although it might have been on the dell laptop that died. I still have the disk for that but I lent the cable to connect it via USB to someone. You have got a zip file somewhere and if memory serves me right you sent it to me about the time version 3.4 was out.
  4. White Christmas v3.4.9 compatible..

    As mentioned in your ticket - There were no skin updates between 3.4.8 and 3.4.9 so the two 3.4.8 files under your purchases are the latest versions.
  5. I'll try and remember once I've finished updating those themes.
  6. Halloween Theme

    From Sherri in the Chatbox: " Yes, I'm rushing to get it out as we speak. It will be highly discounted since it's late in the month already. " but you already knew that because you answered her
  7. Confirmed. The same happens to me in CS5 as soon as I make Layer1 visible. I'll have to refer this to Sherri though because I can only draw matchstick men
  8. Bug tracker bug

    Tier II spotted an error in one of our Pages templates which I corrected and that error seems to have disappeared. I have no idea how that error got there and it seems like every one of our templates in most skins have been corrupted somehow. Most are marked "Modified in previous version" which means that I would have to alter every template every time there is an update. Please bear with us while we (I mean Sherri) sort that out
  9. Bug tracker bug

    The bad news is you'll have to wait until payday for me to fix this as both our licences have just gone out of date. It happens with the IPS Theme as well so I think it might be their problem once we get the support option back..
  10. Theme Thoughts

    Did you put this in a ticket or did you use some other method of contacting us? I found the ticket so strike that. Sherri is the only designer we have and there are twenty open tickets so I'm afraid things don;t happen as quickly as some people woud like.
  11. It's right but we didn't alter that template so when they upgrade the template will be overwritten automatically
  12. Sherri Jones

    I read that as "made me strange" - I knew there was some reason
  13. Anything in the pipeline?

    She wasn't lying but it will be a bit longer because this (bleep) deleted it by accident