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  1. Im having no problem seeing it even as a guest. Looks great! Im glad that you put the falling snow in it as well.
  2. I would be leaning toward the padlock and keeping the key inside the house. Another thought is does the dog have any smells that you are aware of that he hates? If so find something that he doesnt like the smell of and see if you can introduce that smell near the gates. You could always just get him a good woman to keep him occupied if ya know what I mean!!! LOL
  3. Oh-oh!

  4. Thanks and yes you can pick my brains!! PM me (Ray) at mappersunited and I will happily share what I did to make it work. I would post it here but I have to look at the code to make sure that there isnt any important addresses or passwords exposed within it.
  5. I would like to thank Sherri publicly and properly for the new custom skin for my site (mappersunited.com). It is a modified Vitality and I have to say that it is heavily modified in a good way!! My members just love it and I want Sherri to know that it has been very well received. Please drop by anytime to check it out if you like. Thanks Very Much Sherri!!! Cheers, Steve aka Ray Owner, Mappers United
  6. Call of Duty Skin

    All I can say is "WOW"!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. That really sucks MaryO. I just removed the shoutbox from mine and I am awaiting a response to a ticket that I submitted for clarification on the other addons that I use such as EasyPages etc. I find this all so totally unbelievable that they are moving from their old facility to a new state of the art building with new servers etc and they are pulling this sort of stuff. Whats more is that they are using a pretty broad paintbrush and penalizing everyone instead of simply dealing with those that are causing drains on the servers. Im sure that my site isnt hurting them but I am getting victimized simply because.... Like you I only used extensions from their Market Place as well. Sheesh is right!!
  8. Thanks for the heads-up on this matter. I received the notice via email but I hadnt seen the list. This blows major chunks as my site is hosted by them and of course I use ShoutBox on the site. I will have to remove it and I am questioning them on some of the other addons that I use since they are not specifically mentioned. Im not pleased with this and Im not ready to find separate hosting at this point in time so I have to comply.
  9. LOL. Dont be too hard on yourself!!! 50 lashes!!! Thanks, I hadnt even noticed it until you pointed it out. Got the new logo and have it in place now. Thanks for catching that. Merry Christmas!!
  10. I just purchased the Here Comes Santa skin and my group is just loving it!! Great theme and excellent work!! I will be looking at some of the other skins here for my site for 2012. Maybe I will consider a custom job. A happy customer. Ray Mappers United