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A LOT of new themes rolling out...

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As you all know by now, I have returned to doing IPB theme / skin designs full time now that my divorce is behind me and my new life has begun. My imagination has been flowing overtime so there will be a LOT of new IPB themes rolling out in the days and weeks to come. Starting with these two new themes you see live on the site right now; "Business One" and "Business Two". In addition to a lot of new themes, I also went browsing through all the old IBSkin skin designs from years ago and I have decided to bring a few oldies but goodies back to life and get them revamped to work with the new IPB 4 series. Unfortunately, I will have to drop a lot of the cool design elements I use to have in the older skins because they will not work on responsive view for modern technology, but I will be able to redesign them a bit to insure they look familiar and amazing and work beautifully at the same time.

Now is the time... if any of you have any new theme ideas and requests, reply here and throw 'em at me. I want to hear what you all are hoping for and do my best to fulfill as many of your wishes as I can. 

Big Hugs!

Sherri L. Doane (formally Sherri L. Jones)



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Sherri, I like just about anything  that you have created in the past. But one theme that always jumped out for me was Dusty Rose.

Beautiful graphics, easy on the eyes and so classy. Just the right theme for a feminine site! Would you consider revamping this one and bringing it back? Just a thought..... and me hoping ofcourse.... hahahaha

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Thank you @Jas. I will see what I can do to TRY to bring Celtic Rose back to life. My concern is that I may have to alter the header quite a bit to make it functional for the new IPB 4 series because of the responsive side of things. But I can definitely put that one on the list.

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