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IPB 4.4 themes & upgrade costs

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I know a lot of you may be concerned about the constant upgrades and having to repurchase your themes and such. It can get frustrating and very costly to have to maintain your forums with all these upgrades, trust me, I know. So to put your minds at ease, you can rest assured that you will NOT have to repurchase your current themes for the new upcoming IPB 4.4 when it's released. We have implemented an annual upgrade fee for our themes to insure that you can continue use in the future without the burden of having to keep shelling out money all the time. Most themes in our theme store are set up for a once a year $10 renewal fee which covers the cost of all these upgrades. You have already seen this in action if you have purchased a theme from us in the past year or so. So rest easy and happy shopping! Your investments are safe and you will NOT have to purchase your themes all over again for IPB 4.4.


Don't forget that you can save a TON of money and have full access to ALL our themes we have to offer with a premium membership. See our membership subscription plans HERE.

Also, as most of you already know, once a year I offer ONE lifetime premium membership to anyone that wants to purchase it. This means you will always have access to every single theme we ever release, and all our past skins and themes, anytime you want for as long as we exist (which I hope is a very, very long time). You would never again have to pay for a theme or a theme upgrade. The cost of this is a one time fee of $275.  ...In my absence this past year, the 2017 lifetime premium membership was never offered, so if anyone is interested in purchasing the available 2017 lifetime premium membership, please send me a PM so I can generate your invoice and get you all set up.

♥ Big Hugs! ~Sherri

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4.4.0 Beta 1 is out and done tested our themes out we will need to update templates to make them fully ready but nothing major as yet pop out.

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6 hours ago, Volstate said:

Any update on when 4.4 themes will be ready to go?

Once 4.4.x is in finial format as still making changes to the beta and soon as 4.4.x gold hits client area I can then start the big update.

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Ok 4.4.0 finial just come out i will update themes as quick as i can and will list themes as update them.

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Vitality - Ready in Store and Download area

Nexa - updated will be uploaded 

Magistral - next to be updated

Business One 

United We Stand

Ivy League

Business Two

Red Pro

More will be listed soon any custom design themes please send ticket in.

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