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Infusion 3.3 + Web template

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So im going to assume that Infusion 3.3. works on IPB 3.3.x ? (As I think 3.3.3 will be out soon, as it is currenly being used on IPS Board)...

Few questions:

When a skin is purchased from here, and added to ones board, are the images n such allowed to be "edited / changed" to something else? (Other than the logo)

Is it possible to see a full view of Infusion website template? (And does it work well with IP.Content?)

Are most of the skins here (mainly infusion) compatible with IP.Chat, or will changes / edits need to be made to match the colors with the skin?

I think that is all the questions I have for now...

(I actually found IBSkins site through a client of mine.. while working on their site, they purchased a couple skins from here, and I liked them. and I found that Infusion fits with my site theme more then some of the other ones)

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Wotsit    193

Infusion does work on 3.3.x unless you're expecting to use Internet Exploder with it ... in which case it doesn't. See the Tracker. I am trying to do a total rewrite of it but I'm only the local amateur. Skins here are compatible with Invision apps including IP.Chat.

Purchase copyright removal and you can alter anything except the color:


Not trying to do Evanescence out of business but ... If you have IP.Content you don't really need a template. The only thing I've done to this standard installation is alter the sidebar to the left and alter the background color of the category menu:


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Okay, so upon reading the Install / Tos text file... You can change images that are listed in the customize folder when you purchase a skin.

If you want to customize your skin to suit the needs of

your own forums, I have provided a folder which contains

all editable .psd files so that you can add your own

text to the logo or forum buttons using Photoshop. I have

also included all fonts needed for the customizations.

This is what I needed to know... I dont want to change the copyright, or the layout or the design... Just a few images.. As I run an internet radio station, I want to change some of the icons to instruments rather than "diamond" shaped icons.. I do not wish to purchase a customized skin, as $400.00 is well over my budget.. (Internet radio station, not a terristrial station) ;)

Course in looking at the cost of the copyright removal, thats pretty cheapish, and I may look into that with the skin I want...I cant purchase right at the moment.. but soon enough..


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