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    Hi Can we please have some clarity as to what is happening with this site and the themes that people have purchased in good faith expecting support? I for one put a ticket in back in Jan/feb. IPB 4.5.0 beta 3 is on our doorstep and with no sign of support from here. Please if you have jacked it in and are no longer going to exist then let us know so we can go elsewhere. Regards
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    It would be good to know where we stand. I don't want to continue to waste money on themes no longer supported. Thank you to Pete who has been marvellous.
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    Hi guys just quick post from me say still around but unsure when Sherri be on to do any updates, I been keep low level here at moment but I been keep up with new updates that 4.5 will bring etc.
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    So guys 4.5 will make lot 4.4.x themes broken this because major amount new css framework and html and setting been made, so please do not upgrade your site when live comes.
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