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    We have recently moved IBTheme to a much nicer, much faster server so you should all have a more pleasant experience here on the site from now on. The transition was pretty quick so I don't think we lost any transactions or posts, but if anyone is experiencing any issues, please let me or Pete know so we can get it addressed. As you all know, I'm in college full time. As of yesterday, my winter break is over and today my new spring semester started. I'm only taking 4 classes this semester and they are all on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (On campus in the classroom.) What this means for you guys is that I will not be available for any customer support, design work, upgrades or anything to do with work on those two days. I will be here half days on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. Sundays will be a wild card. I intend to take Sundays as my day to get laundry done, house work, personal time and such, but if I'm all caught up on that stuff, I'll probably be here working since I have little to no social life at all. lol As long as I don't get behind on any of my school work, there will be some days I can be here all day instead of just half days, but I'm trying to be realistic. I invested too much of my time on work and not enough on school last semester so I'm having to retake 2 of my classes this semester. Over the days ahead, we will be working on tweaking, repairing and polishing off all the themes to insure that they are up to quality standards that IBTheme has always been accustomed to. I will continue with the weekly flash sales. One or two themes will go on mega sale (at least 50% off or more) one day a week for only 2 or 3 hours. We haven't had one the past couple of weeks due to the holidays. As always, if anyone needs to reach me, you can send me a PM or email me at IBTheme at Gmail dot com <--- (spelled that out so spam bots don't grab it.) Happy New Year Everybody!! Here's to a super awesome 2020!!! XOXO -Sherri
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