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  1. Pete T


    Hi guys just quick post from me say still around but unsure when Sherri be on to do any updates, I been keep low level here at moment but I been keep up with new updates that 4.5 will bring etc.
  2. CORE - GLOBAL - reputationBadge Replace all with {{if settings.reputation_enabled and settings.reputation_show_profile and $author->member_id}} {{if member.group['gbw_view_reps']}} <a href='{url="app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id={$author->member_id}&do=reputation" seoTemplate="profile_reputation" seoTitle="$author->members_seo_name"}' title="{lang="reputation_badge_tooltip"}" data-ipsTooltip class='ipsResponsive_showDesktop ipsRepBadge {{if $author->pp_reputation_points > 0}}ipsRepBadge_positive{{elseif $author->pp_reputation_points < 0}}ipsRepBadge_negative{{else}}ipsRepBadge_neutral{{endif}}'> {{else}} <span title="{lang="reputation_badge_tooltip"}" data-ipsTooltip class='ipsRepBadge {{if $author->pp_reputation_points > 0}}ipsRepBadge_positive{{elseif $author->pp_reputation_points < 0}}ipsRepBadge_negative{{else}}ipsRepBadge_neutral{{endif}}'> {{endif}} <i class='ipsResponsive_showDesktop fa {{if $author->pp_reputation_points > 0}}fa-plus-circle{{elseif $author->pp_reputation_points < 0}}fa-minus-circle{{else}}fa-circle{{endif}}'></i> {number="abs( $author->pp_reputation_points )"} {{if member.group['gbw_view_reps']}} </a> {{else}} </span> {{endif}} {{endif}} click save and your done
  3. try now should only show desktop only
  4. I have updated in the downloads as fixed few other items been reported.
  5. Ok I fixed it here can confirm when have moment if so simple css tweak.
  6. I look into this more i can't see them on the theme but do on default so look into what causing the problem.
  7. When viewing the theme on mobile here unable view the reputation count and same when setup local is this plugin or possiable have outdated template.
  8. what was causing the who is online issue ?
  9. Pete T

    IPS Upgrade

    @Ronald So issue can be when upgrade from any version of IPS it will do a theme check, this will run script that uses the default ips core code, it will always highlight issue with the themes as we have changed templates, depending on the theme would bring more list of template not compatiable as been edited any way i checked Red Pro over and nothing is needed for 4.4.10 its 100% fine. Noel does need update in few templates so that will be sorted out for you.
  10. Pete T

    IPS Upgrade

    Ok i take look now see what needs doing ect
  11. Pete T

    IPS Upgrade

    Ok @Ronald i see who else might reply so look into the issue.
  12. Pete T

    IPS Upgrade

    @bearback Hi can ask what the issue is i know been away little so need get back up to speed see where item are.
  13. So guys as might noticed i been away from here for a bit and this because the company i work for has merged making my work load nearly doubled, i been so busy with the new changed find little time be here and at other sites because of this, but good news i not leaving invision just yet how ever i will be here less then normal, and as the month go by my work load could get to stage where my work will reduce my log in time to even less but we will see as each month comes and goes. I working at moment 6 days a week with the company before was over 4 hour period would be at the office and few hours here and there at home monioring the work, at moment the 6 days a week still there with 6 hour period being at the office and odd hour monioring the work from my own home.
  14. With looking at the themes in detail i can confirm that not every theme has been need update for the following minior updates, 4.4.7, 4.4.8, 4.4.9 the latest version 4.4.10 is not checked, as for chatbox and arcade from around december believe lot theme have been updated by myself to allow arcade to work, but after that i am unaware what been done and needs be updated.
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