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  1. legion

    IPS Upgrade

    I upgraded to 4.4.10 and did not see any degradation due to any of the themes I have from here including Red Pro
  2. looks to me like this member group is Andr Contributor yet the icon you are trying to use is for Moderator, need to change Moderator to whatever the name of the group is Not sure this will work with the space between Andr and Contributor
  3. White Christmas and Christmas Noel look good now Pete
  4. Just to add to this, what we have noticed is that this only affects user groups other than staff groups. The themes work great for Admin / Moderators but any other groups and they do not work correctly
  5. When using either French Country or White Christmas and you select to use enter for sending a message, the message does not get sent, you have to use the Send button
  6. As requested PM sent for the purchases I made at IPS
  7. And where do I get that from ?
  8. I downloaded from the marketplace, this is the only skin that is having problems with the arcade, the other two I purchased Red Pro and Twilight both work fine with the arcade
  9. I have a couple of issues with this skin, they are probably an easy fix but will leave it to the master to lead me in the right direction FIRST the forum category headers are not showing and 2ND in the Arcade we use a lot of ipsBox to contain the game panels and this what I get on the main page
  10. Tis OK Lady, I purchased 3 of your skins from the market place on IPS
  11. I have finally taken the plunge and upgraded to IPS 4.x and now looking for a theme to accomodate the new ipsProArcade, but cannot see the store to find a skin to purchase, can someone help me please
  12. I cannot see the store how do I get there so I can see which skin I want to purchase ?
  13. Welcome back Lady, you sure have been missed
  14. oooooops thanks I found it, it is the primarynav but it was set for no-repeat, take out he no-repeat and walla, what I was trying to accomplish
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