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  1. Forums.. where the chat box is. Also I was not logged in when I first came to the site, and some of the log in instructions are also in black text which is hard to read. ok.. so I just logged off and back on. I now see that it was the Pumpkin skin ( defalut skink ) that also has BLACK font color where the " Remember me " etc is. But to be clear.. I selected that Twlight Skin and then came to forum and the "chat box" text is Black as I stated above
  2. Using Twilight and the chat box... : Type your message here... is not using a good color for font. Black font? Should be white or a brighter color.
  3. :: Sighs ::: This site has value.. I sure wish PeteT could or might find someone that could do the graphics and keep this sight moving along. I wish.. I wish.
  4. .. and the staff here does good work. I use a lot of themes from this site. I think I thought I read someplace that the life time thing.. is no longer offered ... but, if you already have it I have no idea if its still honored or not. Knowing these folks they probably would not let you down since you already have it. But.. I don't know
  5. PS: Ivy is a nice skin, nice on the eye and smooth
  6. Right now is a good example how you guys tickets and my tickets with our communication here... might help solve bugs for a lot of people Pete, sent you pm .. but decided to post reply here also The above ref's a ticket that Pete is having same problem and submitted ticket. I submitted similar ticket with Petes supply of a graphic to use. Yes, I need help with my IPS site ... and the folks on this site frequently... sure have helped me several times. I know I have helped them in some way as well.
  7. I too am happy to see the current themes being upgraded. However, I only use custom skins .. and now things don't look so good for me with IBTheme I plan to stay with IPS CMS I'm not sure what I will do for skins now. It would be awesome if Sherri and Pete could team up.. I sure hope IBTheme gets everything together and becomes what it really could be.. da best.
  8. Good info Pete, I'll have to come back and review this info again when I have time for that.
  9. Hey fahl, I can make comment on the "basics" but not the technical stuff. 1) You need content. They will find you if you have content. Unless your setup does not let in the spiders(bots). content is key. Site needs to look Pro and yours does. 2) Promotion.. lets talk the free stuff you can do. Look at your signature on this board.. spiff that up. Advertise/Promotion right there! Avatar.. same thing. You want to be able to use the same signature and avatar on all sites you go to ... advertise. oops.. have to go, have appointment.. more to come.. me thinks. Do you need help with your IPS CMS? I do
  10. @WotSit: Club is Cool, tks, but... how does one join the club ?
  11. OK, the real problem solver over at IPS got involved, went to our ACP and FIXED the problem. See Image below.
  12. OK, This might help also, so I'll pass it ALL on to my Server Admin.
  13. Hey thank Pete, I'm going to forward this link to my Server Admin and take a look at those ACP settings you pointed out. Maybe I did say to much in a public post.. Wotsit might be able to fix this up, not sure frankly if I made to much public or not... but you might be right.
  14. Https://www.tidesofwar.net/ Once you get there.. take a mouse over look at some of the menu items.. and notice what the URL is. These were all edited for https:// yet it keeps striping them out. Got to be a setting someplace.. or perhaps we are using the wrong method to use the IPS front page as our actual entrance point to the site (Home - like in index.php )Me? No idea... yet.
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