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    where's Sherri disappeared to again ? mind you she is never about when updates need doing i have always said let people know what's going on and most will be fine with that, its the not knowing where we stand is the irritating part
  2. Yes got to agree and with the fact the forums still not showing correctly (images missing) Could be in privacy mode though, that would only show last time visited when not in privacy mode, if your reading this Sherri, let us know what's going on. Thank you
  3. Same old story Sherri, I am sorry to say. I don't think I will renew my theme support as I get to frustrated with all the excuses. I would sooner go with someone more reliable or pay to have my theme updated when needed. This is not aimed at Pete who has been outstanding over the years with his support, Thank you again Pete.
  4. Had another issue with viewing using ipad and its the same on this forum. see screen capture at bottom Found the cause of the problem and now views correctly. i just looked at what had changed beetween versions on that screen size. in ibtheme.css I remove this width: auto !important; from this part in ibtheme.css @media screen and (max-width: 979px) { .author_box_bot { background: transparent; display: block; text-align: center; margin: 0px; height: auto; float: none; color: #000; clear: both; } } @media screen and (max-width: 979px) { .cAuthorPane { background: transparent; width: auto !important;
  5. yes that's sorted it, reps now not showing using mobile. what do I add to save updating/re-installing theme Thank you
  6. Unfortently no better on longer names. I did clear cache on browset. May be just disable reputations from showing on mobile on this theme is another option. Thanks for your help Pete. I know you are busy..
  7. Hi Pete Reputation score is showing better than before but when users have longer names it does not show correctly. I have picked a few examples from this forum. shorter ones look OK
  8. Yes looks OK on this forum. Thanks Pete.
  9. Using Samsung galaxy android mobile. Shows reputations or part off. Capture showing same problem with this forum.
  10. could the reputation count not showing correctly using mobile phones be looked at and let me know what to adjust code wise. Been waiting patiently for over a month now for a response. Thank you
  11. sorted whos online issue. Still got to sort the reputation problem not showing correctly
  12. upgrade my forum to 4.4.10 notice by my members using IE and Chrome the whos online at the bottom of the forum is not working like it used to. I will try and explain, when you view the whos online using IPB default theme your user name usually appears to the top left of the list of users. See screen capture below of correct working theme. When you view whos online in Cambridge theme your name moves about in the list and on some occasions does not show, I have cleared cache using support tool and browser cache but stillget the same issue. See screen capture below, Also still another issue is the reputations when viewing using a mobile is not showing correctly, depending on how many reputation points they get, the image/count does not show properly still. (posted above) If Sherri or Pete to take a look and provide a fix it would be appreciated 😁 Do you want members to use the support system or still post in this forum ?
  13. @Ronald your guest image on your forum is not showing 😐 don't expect anyone else will reply, always seems quite on here and same few people commenting, makes me look like a moany old bugger, probably true though 😋 When running the updater it said my theme was not compatible as Ronald has stated but I did not take note of what part needed updating, I checked the theme difference on ipb and looks like the theme needs updating. The Cambridge theme still has issues and needs looking over, posted 2 weeks ago
  14. I tried on my demo and it said Cambridge theme needed updating but didn't take note of what the issue is, I know my other theme from another developer was the same but they update there themes as soon as there's an update or an issue so not an a problem with that theme. Really don't want to risk updating and then there's a problem with the theme as sherri not been on he since end last month and Pete's busy with work.
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