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  3. Sherri, I love your graphical designs and the themes so I truly do hope IBTheme makes a return. I would make the following recommendations for you to get this under control first. First, drop all third party plugin support, if it works it works, but that is about it. Don't put them on this site directly as it makes more work for you to update and keep themes working. Second, pick your favorite themes and focus on this, maybe up to 5 and push those for a bit and get yourself back into a system of keeping them up to date. Once you get them running fine with updates, add in number 6, then 7, etc. Third, drop all the holiday themes for now, perhaps make holiday banners for the themes you choose to keep going with and such. These have been a burden on you since day one and they have too many time restrictions to keep customers happy. If you have to, even go ahead and turn IBTheme into just a showcase and support platform and run all your sales off the official store. I understand that isn't great, but baby steps are needed at this time and most of us will be happy to see you back up and designing in some limited format instead of you trying to give us the world and being stuck in place. None the less, that is just my two cents and you stay healthy and happy out there in this time of disaster.
  4. I think as we surpassed Easter, how about another sale?
  5. Have you done this Sherri as none of the images are showing.
  6. Hi Sherri, is it over for ibtheme? You are write that you updated couple of days but where now 3 weeks further. No updates more for IPS 4.4.10? Grt. Gerard
  7. Let us know how we can help, I can throw a couple bucks towards the license renewal to help give you and Pete a break. Hope you get your school work completed, this must have been a tough semester with all that is going on.
  8. I am still here. My semester is over in just a few days. I take my last final exam on May 5th. (Tuesday) and I'm taking the summer off. We've been having issues with the forum install throwing errors with a 500 code and Pete has worked endlessly to try to fix it because I can't afford to renew my license right now to get support. Everyone is going through tough times right now due to Covid-19, but just days before this happened, I moved to Tampa. I just got my computer set back up a few days ago, only to find that the site had crashed and everything had gone sideways. Needless to say, the quarantine has made everything more difficult. I'll be working to upgrade the themes as soon as I'm done with my final exams. Right now, I'm racing against the clock to play catch up on 3 weeks worth of overdue class assignments from getting backed up when I moved. Obviously, being in school full time on campus has made my presence here on the site very limited. I decided a few weeks ago that this will be my last semester full time on campus. I'm reducing to only taking 4 classes per semester and I'll be doing online classes from home so I can better divide my time with working here on the site. For now, the downloads are not working, but it only needs for me to upload the back-up of the "uploads" folder to the server, which I'll be doing this evening, so hopefully everything will be restored from there. I'll keep you all updated over the next couple of days. Say a prayer for me that I can get this school work caught up over the next couple of days so I don't fail the semester, then I'll be here much more. I'm definitely taking the summer off, and then in the fall, I'll begin online classes. Sherri
  9. Had another issue with viewing using ipad and its the same on this forum. see screen capture at bottom Found the cause of the problem and now views correctly. i just looked at what had changed beetween versions on that screen size. in ibtheme.css I remove this width: auto !important; from this part in ibtheme.css @media screen and (max-width: 979px) { .author_box_bot { background: transparent; display: block; text-align: center; margin: 0px; height: auto; float: none; color: #000; clear: both; } } @media screen and (max-width: 979px) { .cAuthorPane { background: transparent; width: auto !important;
  10. CORE - GLOBAL - reputationBadge Replace all with {{if settings.reputation_enabled and settings.reputation_show_profile and $author->member_id}} {{if member.group['gbw_view_reps']}} <a href='{url="app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id={$author->member_id}&do=reputation" seoTemplate="profile_reputation" seoTitle="$author->members_seo_name"}' title="{lang="reputation_badge_tooltip"}" data-ipsTooltip class='ipsResponsive_showDesktop ipsRepBadge {{if $author->pp_reputation_points > 0}}ipsRepBadge_positive{{elseif $author->pp_reputation_points < 0}}ipsRepBadge_negative{{else}}ipsRepBadge_neutral{{endif}}'> {{else}} <span title="{lang="reputation_badge_tooltip"}" data-ipsTooltip class='ipsRepBadge {{if $author->pp_reputation_points > 0}}ipsRepBadge_positive{{elseif $author->pp_reputation_points < 0}}ipsRepBadge_negative{{else}}ipsRepBadge_neutral{{endif}}'> {{endif}} <i class='ipsResponsive_showDesktop fa {{if $author->pp_reputation_points > 0}}fa-plus-circle{{elseif $author->pp_reputation_points < 0}}fa-minus-circle{{else}}fa-circle{{endif}}'></i> {number="abs( $author->pp_reputation_points )"} {{if member.group['gbw_view_reps']}} </a> {{else}} </span> {{endif}} {{endif}} click save and your done
  11. yes that's sorted it, reps now not showing using mobile. what do I add to save updating/re-installing theme Thank you
  12. try now should only show desktop only
  13. Unfortently no better on longer names. I did clear cache on browset. May be just disable reputations from showing on mobile on this theme is another option. Thanks for your help Pete. I know you are busy..
  14. Hi Pete Reputation score is showing better than before but when users have longer names it does not show correctly. I have picked a few examples from this forum. shorter ones look OK
  15. I have updated in the downloads as fixed few other items been reported.
  16. Yes looks OK on this forum. Thanks Pete.
  17. Ok I fixed it here can confirm when have moment if so simple css tweak.
  18. I look into this more i can't see them on the theme but do on default so look into what causing the problem.
  19. Using Samsung galaxy android mobile. Shows reputations or part off. Capture showing same problem with this forum.
  20. When viewing the theme on mobile here unable view the reputation count and same when setup local is this plugin or possiable have outdated template.
  21. could the reputation count not showing correctly using mobile phones be looked at and let me know what to adjust code wise. Been waiting patiently for over a month now for a response. Thank you
  22. what was causing the who is online issue ?
  23. sorted whos online issue. Still got to sort the reputation problem not showing correctly
  24. upgrade my forum to 4.4.10 notice by my members using IE and Chrome the whos online at the bottom of the forum is not working like it used to. I will try and explain, when you view the whos online using IPB default theme your user name usually appears to the top left of the list of users. See screen capture below of correct working theme. When you view whos online in Cambridge theme your name moves about in the list and on some occasions does not show, I have cleared cache using support tool and browser cache but stillget the same issue. See screen capture below, Also still another issue is the reputations when viewing using a mobile is not showing correctly, depending on how many reputation points they get, the image/count does not show properly still. (posted above) If Sherri or Pete to take a look and provide a fix it would be appreciated 😁 Do you want members to use the support system or still post in this forum ?
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