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    Business Two Red Pro Magistral
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  4. Below the following theme been updated to 4.4.3 we update this topic on every theme or new IPS Community Suite update. Vitality Cambridge Business One United We Stand Nexa Ivy League
  5. IB Theme F.A.Q Q1. How quick will get my theme once paid for the item. A1. Within few hours depending on Paypal sending the funds to IBTheme account. Q2. How often can get updates/support for my theme. A2. Every theme comes with 1 year support + updates to latest version. Q3. IPS Community Suite has update when will the theme be updated. A3. If the update is Beta we have no plans to update any theme to Finial once finial is out we aim have all theme updated with 1 week after the update, unless more then 1 update during that period. Q4. How can find if my theme is latest version. A4. We will provide update here say what theme we updated please Do not use support ticket as will be closed with no reply. Q5. I have error on my forum how can get support. A5. Please first use the forum provide details error report or error you have and we will look at issue if we need more details we ask you submit a support ticket, please don't submit ticket to we ask or will be closed with no reply. Q6. I have membership will have accress to all themes. A6. Yes if have 3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year or 2 Year membership you have accress direct all theme we aim update this first followed by the shop accress. Q7. I have billing issue what should i do. A8. Please support ticket with detail message what the billing error is. Q8. Can i upload any theme to third party site. A8. No if you found upload any theme from here or file you be banned with no refund any Paypal issue will highlight that you have been uploading copyright items without permission making the issues closed with out refund from Paypal.
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  7. @Sherri Not seen you about for a couple of weeks so hope all is well and your exams went ok 4.4.3 is the latest version release, hopefully you can now find some time to update the Cambridge theme as I am keen to upgrade. Thank you
  8. TipoGT

    Update 4.4.3

    Hello, asks when the skin will be updated to version 4.4.3 since it generates an error in the profile visit.
  9. Gutted to read you've had to leave Pete, you will be sorely missed but I understand completely, family definitely is the first priority. Thanks for all the great support and hard work. Wishing your wife a speedy and safe recovery.
  10. just as I am about to upgrade IPB put out 4.4.3
  11. I am running the older IPB version IPB 3.4.9 with an Arcade. I would like to add a image background if possible.. Anyone ever done this before, and if so can you describe how to do this. Thanks Ron.
  12. 🌼 Hang in there Sherri. I have been around here for ages, I have heard what you are going through and have gone through..I am proud of you for getting up, blowing the dust off, and bettering yourself..I know dam well you'll make something of yourself.. I don't know what happened between you and IPS, but I'm sure you'll work that out when necessary. Don't forget to add an extra tab on now after that degree comes in.. You remind me of my ex daughter in law, after about 30 years of marriage my son left her.. She is in real estate, and decided to further herself, like you are doing. Well she did night school at Rice University for a Masters of Liberal Studies. Basically a masters in liberal arts. She wrote a CAPSTONE PAPER and Michael Bloomberg was the speaker at the graduation. So now he has her Masters.. Sherri all I have to say to you is"Go for it girl"
  13. Probably my new subscription needs authorising before I can download.
  14. I was able to download it, thank you Pete and Happy Easter
  15. just had to renew my subscription but no download showing by 4.4 ? Will check back later as just on the way out, thanks again
  16. Shh look in downloads little Easter surprise
  17. That's good your on the mend Thanks Pete
  18. The cast come off last week still little pain from time to time having bit physio at moment but taking it easy as keep being told off if over work myself. But i will look at this theme tomorrow promise and hope every does have good Easter.
  19. I've been looking forward to the update to Cambridge as well. I usually update my smaller forum to the latest release, and that one uses Cambridge.
  20. Sorry to here your wife's still waiting for surgery, hopefully she will be treated and on the mend very soon. How's the wrist ? getting any easier to use or still have the cast on, I remember when I broke bones in my hand and was very painful and had to put up with it as I had broken my arm in two places at the same time. Yes its only my old faithful Cambridge theme, but don't worry I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment. very good of you and thank you. Happy Easter
  21. My wife is ok at moment she currently waiting for latest news to when they plan to do Surgery as when she was in Hospital the correct surgeon she needed was unavailable so she was discharged, at moment is on sick leave to 24 April and before she can return back she needs speak her doctor she is allow here return or wait to surgery done. @bearback is it Cambridge only theme your need ? If so Sunday/Monday i am off work due to Easter Period i could see if could get update done.
  22. been here for 5 years now so fully aware of your past and current issues and a regular visitor on this site, it frustrating when I don't get a response of some sort to a simple question. I have people keep asking me when the sites going to be updated, so in turn I ask here. Not sure what was wrong with my deleted comment but I will move on and trouble you no more.
  23. Thank you so much @Jas How I've made it this far I have no idea. All I can say is it's a miracle. I just keep pushing forward and praying for the energy and strength to keep going. Thank you @Pete T for fixing the SSL. I had no idea what was wrong or how to fix it. Thank you @nylyon and @Rayman4449a for such a warm welcome back. Just when I feel like I can't go on with the site anymore you guys always find a way to make me smile and give me hope and motivation. 💕 I should have a couple of theme upgrades out by tomorrow.
  24. You will have an update as soon as I have an update to give. If you had read my 1st post in this thread you would understand why I have been absent from the site. If you do not wish to have your post deleted then please be courteous with your words before posting them. If you had spent more than 5 minutes on this site you would know the hell I've been through over this past year and the fact that this site is still open after everything I've been through is a miracle from God himself. It is taking everything I have left in me to keep from losing the site and now I am having to handle it on my own on top of that, so please be patient I will do the best I can.
  25. @Sherri Sherri It probably took you longer to delete my post than simply reply to my question? Can I have an update when the themes are going to be possibly updated, it will save me keep coming on here looking each day. Thank you
  26. Welcome back Sherri, I am a die hard too and I am not going anywhere either 🙂 I wish you lots of luck with your upcoming examns, it is tough to do what you do at 'an older age' if you get my drift. Kudoos to you Sherri, honestly. Pete, good to see you dropping in, how are things in your neck of he woods? How is your wife?
  27. The SSL has been fixed now as seems one installed Sherri few days back failed.
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