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    Upgrade Options 3.4.x to 4.2.x Full price 4.0.x to 4.2.x $10 discount please PM 4.1.x to 4.2.x $5 discount please PM 4.2.X to 4.3.x No discount but renewal is $10.00 per year if have active 4.2.x theme. Support Options 3.4.x Is not supported 4.0.x Is not supported 4.1.x Limited Support 4.2.x Fully Support Premium membership Any inactive account can be restarted but please PM few price have gone up from past membership so will talk over PM with options.
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    A belated shame to see you go, you're right, social media has definitely taken its toll. I think Forums still have their niche roles in the right places, though. Hoping all the Facebook controversy will be a positive boon for forum communities and honourable admins, as more people come to understand social media and it's infrastructure was never free, and so they unwittingly made a deal with the devil and probably sold their digital souls in the process. Forums IMHO, are great for more in-depth topics of conversation that are good when it comes to easier to find and access long term information, whereas social media is more suited for keeping up with one's mates and for quick, disposable messages that don't really matter and sadly in many cases, to accommodate foul mouthed rants from people without the facts and a haven for trolls. Possibly this is the reason you hardly ever, if never, see Google results for social media and mostly results come from forums, blogs and websites.
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    You can manual change colors via admin cp add theme to custom.css or i am happy provide tweaks but will be small fee and for this need you send ticket so talk about areas and tweaks correctly.
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    I am again going to answer this as Sherri not been online for some period we will be adding new item into her themes like back to top and other clever settings as part of 4.3.x, I did one stage make few special beta version but never got any feedback so guessing no problem making new changes.
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    Today i am offering special sale ready for 4.3.x all themes are 20% Off with this discount code 20%theme also if like any membership i am also giving 10% off with this discount code 10%membership the offer will end on 17th February 2018 so good time upgrade from 3.4.x or older or buy that theme you would like.
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    Hi, Ok this is my promise to every client here i don't plan on leaving any time soon i plan on upgrading every current theme to 4.3.x once in finial but also plan working on bring every custom new themes if work out how build them to 4.2.x and 4.3.x that has not been upgraded from 3.4.x if we can if not then work on new themes. The next question need ask really is aim at customer like your self that be here long time what would like see terms themes ? i am trying re build this site to next level and need every bit feedback from customer to get it correct.
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    Today I found out Google has moved the deadline for Recaptcha from 31/03/2018 to today 15/03/18 this mean you need use Recaptcha 2 or the none option in Admin CP it's very simple tweak but unsure if CIC customer need do this that mean ips cloud customer. If you self hosted you can do it take less 5 mins but I am happy help any one deal this for FREE as take little time just send me PM and talk via there.
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    No problem Ryan making few tweak via adding block that allows see in main area allows new members see the sign up option so glad looks better.
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    Much better!! Great work Pete!
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    Hi Ryan, First little unsure what mean site locked to new users ? as guest i can all the forum and every topic that been posted only item that been turn offline is Shop and this because was still fixing small error with MySQL that not been fixed when installed 4.2.8, but please if feel me in what locked and fix that and for your theme Xeriteq has been updated to 4.2.x but if because not showing all theme for customers and guest i do need add them but get that fixed tonight have all looking good by end the night. So again feel free send me PM any issues with locked down issue that i am unaware of i am here everyday but Sherri has been away over month or more now so not sure if she plans returning and shortly i going need make changes to how this site work because i feel sorry for customers because she is never online and that looks bad for any customer past and new.
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    As of Saturday I retired from running forums. I have been doing it since 2004. IMHO, forums are dead. Yes, there are forums that are active, but for the most part Facebook has killed forums. I will miss it, but I am looking forward to not having to be tied down by it. Anyway, thanks Sherri for providing these great themes over the years.