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    IB Theme and IPS Themes have now merged into one big site and this allows both customs to enjoy the big range of themes and now plugins, we have also rebuilt the download area to allow everyone to accress the plugin area. Many people have asked what changed ? first nothing has changed all membership's all valid allow members of IB Theme accress the themes as normal and support is available to every customer using the support forum or support ticket. Then next question people asked why did we close ? This was only safe way to merge to big sites into one make sure all data was transferred correctly but please if any files missing please send me direct PM and i will fix the issue. Also very good news Sherri has been working on new theme called Happy New Year 2017 and will be ready for the shop for people to enjoy on there site if you not already checked out the theme, its live here under the theme option called Happy New Year (set as default). I also would like thank every customer of IB Theme and IPS Themes for the continue supporting us and like also wish you all Happy New Year and in 2018 we be bring more new items and looking forward to 4.3.x.
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    IPS Themes is my company and my own work and IB Theme is Sherri company and her work, we both will be running the site all files will be back don't worry as for slow site little unsure why that could be but i look at that. As for login issue clear you cookie's and see that solves it normal fixes any login issue if still have issue let me know and check why. As for news please stay tuned i like get all files back online fix a few tweaks and then post every update for new year i do hope answer the questions if missed any please feel free send me message my inbox always open.
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