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    I adore the Christmas Noel theme. Any chance it will arrive soon? My money is waiting to be spent.
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    Woohoo! Santa IS coming to town. And her name is Sherri! The co-owner of my site was all like fake sniffling and saying, "Will Christmas ever come?!" So I decided to come check and was super excited by the site of your new and improved Noel theme. Weeeee. I couldn't be happier. Take a break. You deserve it! I''l be here to spend my money tomorrow.
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    Dear Sherii, I wish very much tu use on one my daughter forums my loved IBSkin Genesis and Infusion. As Genesis in my opinion is your designer masterpiece How about these to update to 4.3?
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    Noel is done. I'm going to grab a bite to eat for dinner and then get this released in about an hour (or less). 😊 🤗🎅
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    Ah! So cute! I don't remember that one. Looking forward to the remodel. 😁
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    You're very welcome @Schot . This is the old "Here Comes Santa" theme...
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    Yes, I'm updating White Christmas, Here Comes Santa & Christmas Noel. Christmas Noel will not have the green bars (category sub bars) for IPB 4.x series though. That feature was removed by IPS so there is no way for me to add the green bar back in the theme without it looking bad.
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    Ooops, I just realized that's not the version I liked. It was this one. Such amazing work!
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