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    Below the following theme been updated to 4.4.3 we update this topic on every theme or new IPS Community Suite update. Vitality Cambridge Business One United We Stand Nexa Ivy League
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    @Sherri Not seen you about for a couple of weeks so hope all is well and your exams went ok 4.4.3 is the latest version release, hopefully you can now find some time to update the Cambridge theme as I am keen to upgrade. Thank you
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    Shh look in downloads little Easter surprise
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    The SSL has been fixed now as seems one installed Sherri few days back failed.
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    I have same very bad news from 1st April I will be stepping away from here right now I have alot on my plate, with work, family and updates my own work that become to much stay here at moment over weekend my wife taken back in hospital and yesterday news that we know going happened sooner later that she will have surgery. This means I need be more at home with kids then here. I will not be leaving IPS completely as I have lots clients that require my time and knowledge I do what can to 1st April but no April fools joke.
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