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    Ok this might not effect everyone but please could anyone that paid theme via PayPal cancel there the subscription with your account, also any membership please also cancel any active subscriptions. From tomorrow you will direct paying me to do all updates and support I don't know if Sherri plans returning but currently the way stuff working is unfair you and myself so end today's. I can refund any deposits made to Sherri PayPal so if owned any money in any form this needs direct as here or via PayPal at moment the shop payments turn off but active subscriptions will be taken by PayPal still. The next item will effect or US customers only I am UK based so any support will be now UK time and this will be only Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm any support outside this time frame may not get reply to next day. The next part will be make few good changes I going be looking for someone to help me deal support this is ticket support I add post later on this.
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    Thank you for feedback I hope get item moving little quicker and with 4.4.4 now final I need move fast before ips make 4.4.5 or 4.5.x
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    Ok as you know we had update to 4.4.4 all theme will need update but will only effect blog application if don't use this or don't have installed you fine no update will be needed. I can provide manual update people need this for blog so speeds up the process getting themes updated quicker.
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    At moment she not bad little in pain from time to time but me taking step back here has helped as given more time do more at home, so hopefully soon she get the help she needs so be better but thank you for asking.
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    I did always feel that it was an unfair setup here with Sherri never helping with any support or updates. Respect to you for taking over, your doing a great job. Thank you
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    Soft Blue Bucked Up
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    Spring Fling Simplicity Red
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    Twilight Rae Dunn Farmhouse
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    ibtheme.css Find .catheadtext a:link you should see font-size 12px; change to 14px as was 16px before.
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    Rough Country Evave
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    Business Two Red Pro Magistral
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