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    @Ronald So issue can be when upgrade from any version of IPS it will do a theme check, this will run script that uses the default ips core code, it will always highlight issue with the themes as we have changed templates, depending on the theme would bring more list of template not compatiable as been edited any way i checked Red Pro over and nothing is needed for 4.4.10 its 100% fine. Noel does need update in few templates so that will be sorted out for you.
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    So guys as might noticed i been away from here for a bit and this because the company i work for has merged making my work load nearly doubled, i been so busy with the new changed find little time be here and at other sites because of this, but good news i not leaving invision just yet how ever i will be here less then normal, and as the month go by my work load could get to stage where my work will reduce my log in time to even less but we will see as each month comes and goes. I working at moment 6 days a week with the company before was over 4 hour period would be at the office and few hours here and there at home monioring the work, at moment the 6 days a week still there with 6 hour period being at the office and odd hour monioring the work from my own home.
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    I forgot to the most important suggestion! Big pay rise for Pete! He's a star.
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    This is a little worrying Sherri, because I remember you saying a couple of years ago that to better manage your time and improve things that you would be switching to focus on new themes, a new framework and maintaining only some of the better quality, wider appeal classics, because some of the old ones were getting dated in style and format. You also said you'd not be taking on any custom themes because they are time consuming. Please, because I've always loved IBTheme, give some thought to some suggestions (not intended as criticisms and I'm not claiming to be an expert): Perhaps get a few QA testers. Put out at least a release candidate of each theme, in time to get at least 2 weeks testing on a variety of real world devices, if only for those extra special seasonal themes. I frequently see issues with the Google fonts cropping up, the CSS specifies a certain style, but the font is never loaded, only Lato is, so the end result is a fallback to 1990's style traditional fonts like Verdana and Aria! You can also load more than one Google font in one request (line of code) which is faster. DNSPrefetch and Preloading is handy for image or code heavy themes like yours, because they preconnect resources and can load in the background before being called. Streamline that CSS! It is honestly so bloated, I bet you could probably save yourself quite a lot of time on editing, your themes would be lighter and faster loading as a result. For example, there are many repeated lines of outdated vendor specific css properties, originally needed for cross browser compatibility that you probably don't need anymore, because they have since become obsolete. Features like gradients and shadows are now well supported across browsers. There are 100's of entries containing 0px in your CSS code, but there's technically no such thing as zero pixels or 0 em. You could save all those extra characters by carefully doing a search and replace such as " 0px" with a space so you don't affect ones like 20px, 30px by accident and changing them to a just a 0, which would pass validation. Likewise, you often see 4 separate lines for each border, margin or padding, where you could replace the 4 lines with 1. Multiply that out and I bet you would save a lot of lines of code in a whole theme, multiply that by your total number of themes and look at the potential time and file size saving. More mobile friendly gets you a Google Pagespeed boost too! Perhaps you could create higher quality versions of some of the original artwork like the snowmen, elves etc, for retina and high DPI devices Like iPads and iPhones. I still use a standard size image for my logos but include a x2 (double size version) which is lovely, gorgeous and crisp on good tablets or 4K monitors. The extra handy settings for things like Snow in your latest templates is really good, it saves editing templates and is much more elegant, quick and tidy. Nice one!
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    4.4.x has changed the way group color settings working if go to ACP : Members -> Profile -> Profile Settings : scroll to bottom and in Display Settings make sure have Global turn on.
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    Pete, this was really helpful. Thank you!
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    Yeah invision love to change settings my plan will be do few posts with item people need know or might like to learn.
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    I found that out after updating to 4.4.8, thought there was something wrong to start with I always go to invision and do a quick search first usually shows up with what they have changed or removed without telling any one.😀
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    So in 4.x.x we have color background image with a letter for the profile name and this is ok but if like only 3.4.x look its very easy. Go to Admin CP - Members - Profiles - Profile Settings
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    When 4.x.x come out the hide Admin CP settings was removed but with simple trick you can hide this, only works with self hosted customers. Create a constants.php or add this to constants if already have one setup define( 'SHOW_ACP_LINK', FALSE ); This will hide the Admin CP link now from user menu.
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