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  1. There is more updated version that might work with Arcade if not sure Sherri could tweak it, but would fix category issue for sure.
  2. The Caterory sound like template issue to me but was working on my version i sent Sherri, did you download from here or over Marketplace ? and the second item could be tweaks need for the aracde also looks to me the links very dark.
  3. Just Sherri she might busy with course.
  4. I don't have any accress to this area sorry
  5. Sherri best answer this as don't have Photoshop any more.
  6. At moment she not bad little in pain from time to time but me taking step back here has helped as given more time do more at home, so hopefully soon she get the help she needs so be better but thank you for asking.
  7. fixed and uploaded the version in download area.
  8. Confused telling me your site shows as #fff and not #000 ? if that case sounds like ibtheme.css is not updating correctly as when upload any files using same copy i upload to shop/download area.
  9. ibtheme.css Find .catheadtext a:link you should see font-size 12px; change to 14px as was 16px before.
  10. new update has been added fixes this issue and chatbox issue.
  11. I have return to get item back on track how ever i here on limited amount time the plan will be 3 themes be updated per day and all update will be made here This allow me to focus on personal and my own business work i plan hopefully have all 4.4.3 themes finished before this weekend but can't promise this i make the two theme you highlighted be on my list tomorrow afternoon i will also look when subscription for theme are due maybe add few extra months if it allow me.
  12. Pete T


  13. this theme due into to 4.4.x shortly the problem will fixed in that version.
  14. .ipsQuote_citation { color: #fff; } add that custom.css #fff = white

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