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  1. Yes lots changes have been made remember 2.0.0 where first started out as just forum and later on 2.3.6 I started as coder after doing many manual hook installs now look we can click and we installed a plugin to application.
  2. @bearback it does seem IPS looking at issue that people getting confused with files so example would be themes,plugins and application normal all come in zip file like you said makes easy to developer to upload. This is making people unsure what there doing with the file so guessing IPS get lots support tickets on how do install a theme or plugin when, its asking for .xml when i have .zip file etc but way i look at this issue i been doing this from 2005 and never any problems with files being zipped up, but become problem with IPS that guideline on how we pack the documents coming slowly into force. As for the big plan i believe this correct way moving everyone to one site and this database is big but also has lots inactive people plus issues that making harder to fix without breaking the site, the plan was move username/emails and any purchase over to Invision Focus but any address and payment options would NOT be moved and new password would be sent via email.
  3. So its been confirmed IPS will not longer allow us zip up all files as one so the themes must be on its own .xml file and any PSD and extra item must be standalone so i will start slowly doing this, also i feel the time could be right start doing little moving around so from end the month the store will be turn offline, i will moving everyone to Invision Focus and redirect the domain to there. The move might not go down well with Sherri but its time to get items sorted and i just take you on as full time customers as for items over IPS Marketplace i no idea what i going do there might have word with Lindy and see if have any issues that no aware off but as i am funding my own time, i feel only right clients get what should be getting eg full support + updates little better, also issues here database that causing problems so again feedback is welcome on how you feel about this.
  4. Pete T

    4.4.5 update

    And you would need order the logo text change but I need to first see if get photoshop back working so give me to later on today.
  5. Pete T

    4.4.5 update

    United We Stand Geode Rough Country Autumn Nature Bucked Up
  6. Ok guys i like know if would like settings added to themes like having footer to allowing social media icons to show etc all feedback welcome.
  7. Today i been made aware that IPS Community site is making changes in the way files are uploaded to the Marketplace one main items is any purchase made here can't not be applied to Marketplace this will mean if buy any files here we can't not be marked as paid over there. Also the way files are uploaded has changed we can no longer upload read me files we must provide this in different form and i waiting see if this includes any PSD or font files see how much needs be changed. With the above coming into force soon or later i will need see what going on with Sherri make her aware of all the changes that could effect her account there and then i will sort out what is need here once IPS have enforced the new rules. Any question about the above feel free post back i here to help and here to provide any information i can when i have all
  8. Pete T

    4.4.5 update

    No if click the update button then add the theme it then should ask if wish apply new updates click yes to all or unsure install as fresh.
  9. Pete T

    4.4.5 update

    It's on it way don't worry more themes are being updated.
  10. Pete T

    4.4.5 update

    Red Pro Twilight Business One Business Two Cambridge
  11. Pete T


    Due to lack sales this theme is no longer being updated and will remain this way.
  12. Pete T

    4.4.5 update

    4.4.5 theme updates Evave Ivy League Simply Red Soft Blue Vitality
  13. Pete T

    4.4.5 update

    Yeah sort out shortly just been busy.
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