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  1. The fastest way at the moment is revert the template "Forums" - "Topics" - postContainer WARNING doing this will lost few changes in topic view.
  2. yeah i know issue could linked custom template change i see if make work around for awards to show.
  3. Not seen that plugin but where should it display to example guessing profile area on topic.
  4. Theme updates?

    No idea to hit beta but having guess I would say no as looks like lot changes to 4.3
  5. Simplicity Red Custom Work

    I thought seen Sherri reply ? She one does all custom work I am just the guy does the update plus bug fixing. But I will look ticket now find latest update and find out what going on.
  6. Theme updates?

    i believe 4.2.7 update mainly aimed at fixing more security issue if remember please changing the search options ready for 4.3.x but can't remember all the tweaks.
  7. Theme updates?

    4.2.7 had no template to update reason why theme been updated https://invisioncommunity.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=plugins&do=diff not in every update is template update.
  8. Spring Fling issue

    Was issue on Fresh or when upgrade so see what causing the issue.
  9. Evave 4.2.x DEMO PLEASE ?

    Your sure talking about same mobile navigation ? We have 4.2.7 installed and no issue have been spotted if was bug we fix it, and background image can be added by you but unsure what theme would look like.
  10. Evave 4.2.x DEMO PLEASE ?

    We installed theme here if go to bottom see the options and click Evave and will display.

    i am fixing now
  12. I have a question

    its not abandon and still rebuilding a lot items need back end work so looks like nothing been done front end but there but lot work in back end make site better.
  13. Merry Christmas IBTheme

    It's fixed now.
  14. Merry Christmas IBTheme

    I will check now should be option download give me few mins.
  15. Simplicity Red Custom Work

    Hi Andy, The request to change the color is not easy item but one we can provide be will be custom job please send support ticket via here and take care you from there.
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