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  1. Oh that my fault must not checked the file when zip it up.
  2. Your welcome if spot any more issues let.us know.
  3. 1) fixed 2) fixed 3) fixed 4) yes its different one called moono dark I have already applied the patch on your site now only item not done is the editor but i nice and here a link https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/moono-dark
  4. Ok it's not guest viewable so needed sign-up so see how fix it.
  5. can tell me how get the top one lol as no idea where that is part from calendar
  6. I will take look at this get fixed before weekend.
  7. I take look as want bring over new primary nav style like the other themes but requires bit work and today been little busy so hopefully I get sorted tomorrow or Wednesday but thank you feedback as help us provide good quality themes.
  8. Hi @Woffie you should come back to ips forums
  9. Ok this fixed in my update that need upload
  10. where do see this css being loaded in to ? as not in ibtheme.css
  11. is this using Gallery Feed or in Gallery itself ?

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