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  1. Pete T

    4.3.x Theme & Plugin

    will be updated ASAP
  2. Pete T

    4.3.x Theme & Plugin

    I not updated it yet final as yet
  3. Pete T


    Very much same answer as other post and believe your brother owns that theme !
  4. Pete T

    4.3.x Theme & Plugin

    Most themes now been updated to 4.3.x any issue when test please POST here so keep track of updating theme when next sync of 4.3.x comes.
  5. Pete T

    Change of Colors

    You can manual change colors via admin cp add theme to custom.css or i am happy provide tweaks but will be small fee and for this need you send ticket so talk about areas and tweaks correctly.
  6. Pete T

    News Update

    The news is that IPS 4.3.x could be out as finial version by next week this is not set in stone with another beta due this week, i am working overtime get all theme ready or as many reason before the 4.3.x becomes finial.
  7. Pete T

    News Update

    We have moved hosts so any issues please let us know
  8. Pete T

    Evave 4.2.x DEMO PLEASE ?

    I have now added theme here but its not been updated yet to 4.3.x
  9. Pete T

    Evave 4.2.x DEMO PLEASE ?

    I will load the theme here again tomorrow as can't remember the overall look as due to so many theme been converted to 4.2.x
  10. Pete T

    IB Themes New Feature Idea

    I am again going to answer this as Sherri not been online for some period we will be adding new item into her themes like back to top and other clever settings as part of 4.3.x, I did one stage make few special beta version but never got any feedback so guessing no problem making new changes.
  11. Pete T

    Evave 4.2.x DEMO PLEASE ?

    I upgraded forum over weekend so that make start on 4.3.x but the answer to your question should you wait 4.3.x depends what version running now ? also i just posted discount code to allow people upgrade. .I also now update images to the theme you asked about will try get others done next few days as very busy working new framework for 4.3.x and my day job so could be weekend before have all images backup and forum slowly looking better.
  12. Pete T

    Theme Upgrade options

    Today i am offering special sale ready for 4.3.x all themes are 20% Off with this discount code 20%theme also if like any membership i am also giving 10% off with this discount code 10%membership the offer will end on 17th February 2018 so good time upgrade from 3.4.x or older or buy that theme you would like.
  13. Pete T

    Evave 4.2.x DEMO PLEASE ?

    We removed all 4.2.x theme from here due to fact we using 4.3.x beta 3 and current progress upgrading every theme to 4.3.x final out, i can add other images to the shop if that helps.
  14. Pete T

    News Update

    IB Theme is now updated to 4.3.x Beta 3 we working on updating themes any issue please report them.
  15. Pete T

    Two Twilight Themes?

    Same theme must uploaded two the same but once finished doing my backup here can start working on lots changes.