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  1. IBTheme is having our very first ever Flash Sale!!! Right now all 30 themes in the IBTheme Shop are $10.00 USD OFF!!! (50% off) HURRY!!! This flash sale ends 26 November. Sale applies only to IPB themes. Does not include add-ons, plugins or services. USE COUPON CODE ► 10$OFF
  2. Ok guys we trying make reporting bugs and support better so we now have new system in place to help you guys. All bugs and support must be added here https://www.ibtheme.com/forums/forum/13-themes-support/ this has full list all themes and keep updated on current bugs and ones been fixed and when. Please only click support ticket if we have asked you to use this function.
  3. When looked earlier using my 32 inch desktop as can see better details that now back on my 20inch laptop and still don't have issue, and problem is don't even remember the CSS class used digg out see if send you a patch that may work, but when visiting here is issue on the new theme ?
  4. I am still unable solve this as when viewing in IE11 its not cutting off for me its displaying very much same as Edge but Chrome displays it loads better but can't understand Geode and Pumkinpatch have same framework as Business one, two and the new themes as this one framework becoming main one to be used.
  5. From Saturday 27th to Monday 29th i will not be around for any support issue this because going have small family time with my parents and see my Sister for few days but if any tickets are still around Tuesday 30th i sort them out I might pop in over that period but will not be at my office only be using my Mobile to keep track of any issue.
  6. Pete T

    Support info.

    .ipsQuote .ipsQuote_citation a { color: #fff; } in custom.css add the above as this normal due the group colour
  7. About Social Icons for IPS4 is the most advanced plugin available for integrating your favourite social media networks into several locations throughout the suite. This plugin takes full advantage of font icons by allowing full control over size, colour and positioning using simple cross-browser & cross-device CSS code. This eliminates the need for additional raster based icons thus massively improving site performance. Features The plugin is shipped with over 170 vector icons that cover all popular social networks. Choose to show your icons in seven locations including – header, footer, navigation & sidebar. Drag & drop icons directly to your homepage widget able areas. Search for and then preview the icons you need directly from the plugin settings. Customise the size of your icons directly from the plugin settings. Want to override the default brand colours? We’ve included a setting for just that. The settings offer complete control over which groups can and cannot use the plugin. Integrated with IPS4 Localisation. Compatibility IPS 4.3.x Full support is provided for this plugin, you can request support via this support topic.
  8. Per-user colour scheme control of your Community Suite Set a default primary & secondary colour that all users can revert to Choose the "Edit theme" icon within the header directly from the plugin settings Choose which groups have access Integrated with IPS4 1-click localization Compatibility IPS 4.3.x Full support is provided for this plugin, you can request support via this support topic.
  9. Features Requires practically no configuration. Works in topics and question topics. Easily change the colour of the badge & border. Enable/Disable the badge or border. Set icons for both topics and QA topics. Set custom classes for the badge and border for your own setup. Set badge text for standard topics and text for question topics. Compatibility IPS 4.3.x Full support is provided for this plugin, you can request support via this support topic.
  10. Pete T

    Support info.

    I sure I will have few items planned like watch fireworks display and kids going to watch a show so lots fun before come back to the made rush at work.
  11. ok how odd could not reply to old topic mm we had odd issue here with me and Sherri unable send links or upload items but replying to topic is new one, as for the cut off issue i need revisit that see what i can provide to fix the problem for IE customers.
  12. So the folder should be Fonts this would be any fonts used to makes the logo, then you would have folder called PSD this be logo you can edit in Photoshop then finial folder would be theme and there will only be file need upload as has every item in that .xml.
  13. Hi the other folder are resources one be for logo if wish to customize it and other the fonts for logo nothing for you to upload, I hope answer your question.
  14. Oh that my fault must not checked the file when zip it up.
  15. Your welcome if spot any more issues let.us know.
  16. 1) fixed 2) fixed 3) fixed 4) yes its different one called moono dark I have already applied the patch on your site now only item not done is the editor but i nice and here a link https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/moono-dark
  17. Ok it's not guest viewable so needed sign-up so see how fix it.
  18. can tell me how get the top one lol as no idea where that is part from calendar
  19. I will take look at this get fixed before weekend.
  20. I take look as want bring over new primary nav style like the other themes but requires bit work and today been little busy so hopefully I get sorted tomorrow or Wednesday but thank you feedback as help us provide good quality themes.
  21. Hi @Woffie you should come back to ips forums

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