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  1. Sherri best answer this as don't have Photoshop any more.
  2. At moment she not bad little in pain from time to time but me taking step back here has helped as given more time do more at home, so hopefully soon she get the help she needs so be better but thank you for asking.
  3. fixed and uploaded the version in download area.
  4. Confused telling me your site shows as #fff and not #000 ? if that case sounds like ibtheme.css is not updating correctly as when upload any files using same copy i upload to shop/download area.
  5. ibtheme.css Find .catheadtext a:link you should see font-size 12px; change to 14px as was 16px before.
  6. new update has been added fixes this issue and chatbox issue.
  7. I have return to get item back on track how ever i here on limited amount time the plan will be 3 themes be updated per day and all update will be made here This allow me to focus on personal and my own business work i plan hopefully have all 4.4.3 themes finished before this weekend but can't promise this i make the two theme you highlighted be on my list tomorrow afternoon i will also look when subscription for theme are due maybe add few extra months if it allow me.
  8. this theme due into to 4.4.x shortly the problem will fixed in that version.
  9. .ipsQuote_citation { color: #fff; } add that custom.css #fff = white
  10. Pete T


    Updated to new username.
  11. Pete T


    what would you like to be ?
  12. Pete T


    We can help yes but not free service but will require you have pages this is add on for ips community.
  13. Pete T


    Most of the blocks (widgets) are part of the ips default setup few other widget we have installed by downloading them direct from ips community forum. To add widget you need be root admin or have permission install widgets if have this then on desktop only (can't use mobile) left had side have a small tab this loads up block manager and it's case of drag and drop.
  14. so looking forward 4.4.x see if many changes to the settings etc
  15. Pete T


    To add now need edit the theme in globaltemplate find </head> add paste this below. <SCRIPT type="text/javascript"> /* Snow Fall 1 - no images - Java Script */ // Set the number of snowflakes (more than 30 - 40 not recommended) var snowmax=35 // Set the colors for the snow. Add as many colors as you like var snowcolor=new Array("#aaaacc","#ddddff","#ccccdd","#f3f3f3","#f0ffff") // Set the fonts, that create the snowflakes. Add as many fonts as you like var snowtype=new Array("Times","Arial","Times","Verdana") // Set the letter that creates your snowflake (recommended: * ) var snowletter="*" // Set the speed of sinking (recommended values range from 0.3 to 2) var sinkspeed=0.6 // Set the maximum-size of your snowflakes var snowmaxsize=40 // Set the minimal-size of your snowflakes var snowminsize=10 // Set the snowing-zone // Set 1 for all-over-snowing, set 2 for left-side-snowing // Set 3 for center-snowing, set 4 for right-side-snowing var snowingzone=3 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // CONFIGURATION ENDS HERE /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Do not edit below this line var snow=new Array() var marginbottom var marginright var timer var i_snow=0 var x_mv=new Array(); var crds=new Array(); var lftrght=new Array(); var browserinfos=navigator.userAgent var ie5=document.all&&document.getElementById&&!browserinfos.match(/Opera/) var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.all var opera=browserinfos.match(/Opera/) var browserok=ie5||ns6||opera function randommaker(range) { rand=Math.floor(range*Math.random()) return rand } function initsnow() { if (ie5 || opera) { marginbottom = document.body.scrollHeight marginright = document.body.clientWidth-15 } else if (ns6) { marginbottom = document.body.scrollHeight marginright = window.innerWidth-15 } var snowsizerange=snowmaxsize-snowminsize for (i=0;i<=snowmax;i++) { crds[i] = 0; lftrght[i] = Math.random()*15; x_mv[i] = 0.03 + Math.random()/10; snow[i]=document.getElementById("s"+i) snow[i].style.fontFamily=snowtype[randommaker(snowtype.length)] snow[i].size=randommaker(snowsizerange)+snowminsize snow[i].style.fontSize=snow[i].size+'px'; snow[i].style.color=snowcolor[randommaker(snowcolor.length)] snow[i].style.zIndex=1000 snow[i].sink=sinkspeed*snow[i].size/5 if (snowingzone==1) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright-snow[i].size)} if (snowingzone==2) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)} if (snowingzone==3) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)+marginright/4} if (snowingzone==4) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)+marginright/2} snow[i].posy=randommaker(2*marginbottom-marginbottom-2*snow[i].size) snow[i].style.left=snow[i].posx+'px'; snow[i].style.top=snow[i].posy+'px'; } movesnow() } function movesnow() { for (i=0;i<=snowmax;i++) { crds[i] += x_mv[i]; snow[i].posy+=snow[i].sink snow[i].style.left=snow[i].posx+lftrght[i]*Math.sin(crds[i])+'px'; snow[i].style.top=snow[i].posy+'px'; if (snow[i].posy>=marginbottom-2*snow[i].size || parseInt(snow[i].style.left)>(marginright-3*lftrght[i])){ if (snowingzone==1) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright-snow[i].size)} if (snowingzone==2) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)} if (snowingzone==3) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)+marginright/4} if (snowingzone==4) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)+marginright/2} snow[i].posy=0 } } var timer=setTimeout("movesnow()",50) } for (i=0;i<=snowmax;i++) { document.write("<span id='s"+i+"' style='position:absolute;top:-"+snowmaxsize+"'>"+snowletter+"</span>") } if (browserok) { window.onload=initsnow } </SCRIPT> then click save.
  16. that good if fixed should be all new themes as said we have framework that i update keep themes the same and to speed the building process quickly.
  17. Not really any tutorials on how add but would add via custom.css
  18. Ok I take look but very sure will change the forum side to.
  19. Hi Noble, i not used the classifieds app in few months but from memory uses same icons as we use for the front of the forum, so if can one could change all but i could be wrong, is the app you have done by InvisionHQ
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