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  1. Downloaded all updates, except Soft Blue as it still needs to be updated.
  2. Thank you, Pete, very much appreciated.
  3. Yes Pete, running the onlyMe chatbox v4.0.4 now, and in my previous post I forgot to mention the forum runs on Powered by Invision Community 4.4.5
  4. The chatbox is not working when using the following 4.4.4 themes; Evave Ivy League Simply Red Soft Blue When switching to Default, Oblivion or UltimMaze + other 3rd party themes, the chatbox works.
  5. 1 and 2 = Same here.
  6. Last week when wanting to log in @IBTheme and seeing an error I thought "Gosh, will we have no more nice designed themes from Sherri ?" Now I'm glad to see you back, but I hope that with your (probably) busy schedule, you will find the time to update some of your themes.
  7. I totally agree. Got 5 active themes and waiting for the "Here Comes Santa" 🎅 which I already had activated when it was working with forum software 3.x version.
  8. Eric BXL

    News Update

    LOL Woffie, but you at least you have your little part of contribution! Thanks much for the information and updates, Pete and also a very late Happy New Year from me to all. I've been away for almost 1 month and couldn't log in on my return. Luckily Pete fixed it for me. Cheers all.
  9. Whoa! Smashing office and system to On pic 1 I see a mug ... don't spoil your on the keyboard!
  10. OMG yes. Mostly working with Paint.net I didn't realize directly that PSD files have layers! Thank you Sir Wot Sit for refreshing my memory.
  11. Firstly, I want to mention that I like all the themes I bought here and intend to buy some more in the future. Now I have this suggestion; On this site there are "rank images" for Administrator, Support, Premium, Customer and Member and I suppose they are made specially for this forum and shop, right? But what about the customers owning a forum? There must be more than me in your client database! Wouldn't it be a good idea to add a few more images in your future Theme releases? IMHO, I'm almost sure other forum owners will also appreciate to see that not only members have such a nice rank image under their avatar. It would be nice to also have one for; WebMaster (blue colour?) Administrator (already done and it's a beauty!) Super Moderator (or SuperMod) Moderator Contributor Member (already done) Inactive (after 6 months of inactivity members get the inactive status, but it is not really needed) Guest (not really needed) Banned (not really needed) If necessary, I wouldn't even mind to have to pay a little extra to have those added. Cheers and Eric
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