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  1. Jas

    My Full Time Return

    Welcome Back Sherri !!!!!
  2. No moderation actions possible with White Christmas theme. Any ideas?? Everything is up to date, nothing out of date. The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information. Error code: 2S119/1
  3. Any help with this issue is being appreciated! For a while now on most of the themes we have here my subforums are all over the place if they contain an unread item. I have a lot of subforums and it looks very messy. Some theme like Autumn Nature do show the subforums correctly. Is it a matter of replacing the unread icon with another like a bullet? or will the same problem exist? I hope someone will be able to help me figure this one out. Thank you so much in advance.
  4. Sherri, thank you so much for your reply to Wolfie's post, it makes so much sense reading this and it makes me glad I have come in here just about every single day in the hope you would 'wake up'. I so understand your frustration with IPS and totally agree with you saying that IPS has lost sight of what the community software is all about, I still like their 3.0 series best and do not care for the 4.0 series at all. I have a feeling though that you might never be able to get a chance to always be fully caught up with IPS as they shake their updates out of their sleeves just like that. :-) Sherri, the people who come in here on a regular basis care about you and love your creativity and quality of work. That's why we kept andkeep coming back. I am also glad that WotSit is still here as well. So here is to a new beginning Sherri. I like your idea of getting rid of some cobwebs (old themes) and focus on some new themes. I think the plan that you and WotSit have regarding a 'base model' could work well. Time will tell I guess? Wolfie, thank you for starting this topic, I for one truly appreciate your honest and factual opinion. ~Jas
  5. Jas

    Any plans for a spring theme?

    3 months later...............

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