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  1. All 3 Christmas themes are finally complete and ready for purchase and/or download. Merry Christmas Everybody!!! 🎅

  2. We have just released the "Here Comes Santa" theme for IPB 4.3.6 in the IBTheme Shop!!! Plus, IBTheme is having an awesome holiday theme sale!! (See details below) BUY 2 THEMES - GET ONE FREE!!! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE "HERE COMES SANTA"! Don't forget, we also just releaed "White Christmas" & "Christmas Noel" themes the other day too. Premium Memberships are $10 - $20 - $30 off! Save $10 on 6-month premium membership Save $20 on 1-year premium membership Save $30 on 2-year premium membership PURCHASE A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP HERE This will be our last sale on premium memberships for several months, so grab 'em now before the sale is gone!! ALL THEMES BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!!! (No coupon needed. After your purchase, submit a support ticket so we can add your free theme to your customer area downloads for you.) This sale will end in a couple of says, so hurry to the IBTheme Shop before it ends.
  3. Thank you so much @Schot. 🎅Merry Christmas!🎄
  4. You purchase the theme for $20. You'll receive free upgrades for one year. After that one year is up, you'll need to pay the $10 renewal fee to download another full year of upgrades. This is the way we have chosen to keep upgrade costs down for everyone since IPS is releasing constant upgrades to the IPB software so much these days. P.S. You do not have to pay the $10 renewal fee in order to own the theme. You just need to pay the $10 renewal fee once each year if you wish to download upgrades to the theme and not have to re-purchase the theme every time you need an upgraded version.
  5. The ALL NEW "White Christmas" & "Christmas Noel" themes for IPB 4.3 have just been released in the IBTheme Shop here ► https://www.ibtheme.com/store/category/1-ipb-43-themes/ And also in the Premium Member's download area here ► https://www.ibtheme.com/files/category/16-premium-downloads/
  6. They are both on the list to be updated very soon.
  7. Noel is done. I'm going to grab a bite to eat for dinner and then get this released in about an hour (or less). 😊 🤗🎅
  8. You're very welcome @Schot . This is the old "Here Comes Santa" theme...
  9. Yes, I'm updating White Christmas, Here Comes Santa & Christmas Noel. Christmas Noel will not have the green bars (category sub bars) for IPB 4.x series though. That feature was removed by IPS so there is no way for me to add the green bar back in the theme without it looking bad.
  10. ⚠️NEW THEME RELEASE!⚠️ The all new "Nexa" theme has just been released in the IBTheme Shop! Grab it now for 50% off for our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale! ( Coupon code: CMSAVE50 ) Preview Nexa live on our forums. PURCHASE HERE
  11. IBTheme is having a HUGE Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!! The IBTheme Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale is still going on right now!! All plugins are buy one get one free and all themes are 50% off! Use coupon code: CMSAVE50 for the themes. For plugins, after you make your purchase, submit a support ticket to Pete for your free plugin. LIFETIME PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP Just like every year in the past, I have ONE LIFETIME PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP FOR SALE for our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale event. You must email me at IBTheme@gmail.com or send me a PM on the IBTheme forums and I'll generate the invoice for you. The cost is $280 (one time purchase) and you never have to purchase a theme again. You will receive every single theme we ever make and every update. (Copyright removal not included. You must purchase ONE premium copyright removal license if you wish to remove the copyright from your themes.) WHITE CHRISTMAS THEME HAS BEEN UPDATED FOR IPB 4.3 - Plus, we have just released a new theme too! - See below for preview and details... ⚠️NEW THEME RELEASE!⚠️ The all-new "Nexa" theme has just been released in the IBTheme Shop! Grab it now for 50% off for our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale! ( Coupon code: CMSAVE50 ) Preview Nexa live on our forums. PURCHASE HERE
  12. IBTheme is having our very first ever Flash Sale!!! Right now, for 4 hours only, all 30 themes in the IBTheme Shop are $8.00 USD OFF!!! (40% off) HURRY!!! This flash sale ends in 4 hours at 10:00 pm EST tonight. Sale applies only to IPB themes. Does not include add-ons, plugins or servicEs. USE COUPON CODE ► IBFLASH11
  13. We've brought back an old favorite. The Magistral theme has just been released in the IBTheme Shop and premium member downloads! Preview this theme live on the IBTheme Forums. Stay tuned, we've got even more on the way!!
  14. 🎃 The old favorite "Pumpkin Patch" theme has just been released in the IBTheme Shop!
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