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  1. Free upgrade If you purchased 4.1.x But future upgrades will be $10 renewal per year.
  2. IPS Guide - Upgrading themes to 4.2

    Thank you!!
  3. cambridge theme update

    I can redo Cambridge, but I can't have the half / angled category headers. It's not responsive that way. As far as I can see, that's the only thing I have to change in order to get the cambridge theme to work under the new coding we're using. If that's okay, I'll proceed with it.
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  7. Tbar, once these are released today, I'll have yours finished up for you within the next day or two. I'm working as fast as I can right now to make everyone happy. I'm only one person and I'm doing my best. I've got people coming at me from all directions because there's no new releases, no upgrades, custom work not completed, etc. I'm just taking it one at a time and trying to get as much out as I can. Your order will be finished up before Friday, but most likely, much faster than that. Sherri
  8. What are your plans after 4.2 is released?

    I'm sorry I've let you down Woffie. The truth is, there has been a LOT going on in my personal life that has only begun to get better over the past couple of months. Something happened that changed me more than I wanted to admit and it's something I can't talk about, but I have healed from it now, but you are correct on the time frame. It happened about 2½ years ago I think. ...The summer of 2014 to be exact. June will be 3 years. I thought I would never be the same again, but somehow, with enough time and prayer, I woke up one morning about 2 or 3 months ago and the hurt and pain of what had happened was finally gone. I was able to move on. On top of that, I hate, hate, hate, hate EVERYTHING about the IPB 4.x series. I feel like they ruined a masterpiece when 4.0 came out and it just keeps getting worse with each upgrade. IPS is so focused on having this upscale, modern, feature rich product that they got lost in it all and made the software so that it's not user friendly anymore and I'm a computer whiz and STILL can't believe all the issues with this thing. It's a nightmare all bundled up into code that no average user can make sense of. I am trying to get my groove back. I truly am. I miss the old days when I was whipping out beautiful designs left and right. Well... Recently, (about a month or so ago) I started working long hours again to whip out some themes and then along comes another batch of IPB upgrades yet again and it set me back AGAIN. It's like it's never ending. With themes as custom designed as mine are, you can imagine the hassle to keep them all upgraded. I hate that I am restricted from doing all my cute and pretty details to my themes that I use to do, like with category headers and 3 image logos, etc. Well... Then, thankfully, a couple of weeks ago WotSit and I came up with a plan to make life easier on us. I'm making one theme to use as a base for coding (layout, etc) then each theme will have it's own graphics and css to make each one unique in color and design. This way, I only need to upgrade ONE theme and then use that as the base to add in the graphics and css for every other theme. (I hope that makes sense. I swear it made sense in my head. LOL!) Now, after a while when I have my groove back, I will have a few more base designs that I can edit graphics and css so my themes don't all appear to be too similar, but this is how we're trying to get things kick-started again. Another issue as well, is that I need to be able to create new themes. A LOT of our themes we have carried since IPB 2.3 version and they are old and boring. That is the worst thing that can happen to an artist is to never have the time to make new creations because I'm always upgrading old ones. So I've decided to retire a lot of our old themes since I can no longer use all the fancy details I use to anyway, and make new themes all together. Many will be based on similarities of old themes, but will have a new name and new face lift. Being able to make new themes and have this easier way to upgrade CONSTANTLY are the only 2 ways I know of that I can make this whole 4.x work and stay in business. I cancelled premium memberships when 4.x series came out because I just couldn't promise to keep up with theme upgrades and new releases. It is humanly impossible for one person to do. So, once I get my groove back, I will bring back premium memberships again. I just have to make sure I have products to offer that make it worth it all to you guys. I'm trying. I promise I am. Reading what you said and seeing it in my face was an eye opener. You said everything I already knew but didn't want to admit to myself. I have to admit, it had a huge impact on me while I was reading it. I hope I'm able to get my groove back and make you guys proud again. I promise to do my best. Big hugs, Sherri
  9. What About Emojis?

    I looked and I have no record of ever having made any emojis. Only icons. But I will put it on my to-do list to create some. It gives me something fun to do in my down time.
  10. What About Emojis?

    I have to look through my old files. I think I made some, but not sure. I'll check for you tomorrow. As soon as I get Valentine's theme released here in a few minutes I have to hurry to get ready to go out for ladies night. I wonder if @Wotsit remembers if we had some or not. I need to look through my back-up hard drive and search for them if so.
  11. What About Emojis?

    I only have the ones on our emoji list. Is that the ones you want? If so I can box 'em up and send 'em to ya.
  12. Any plans for a spring theme?

    Yes, in fact, you guys are about to get hit pretty hard with a lot of themes at once.
  13. Christmas Themes Update

    They are available now
  14. White Christmas v3.4.9 compatible..

    You should be all set now. The files are in your client area for IPB 3.4.x
  15. Hello, These are all custom edits that need to be done to the theme. Changing the background color for the category blocks will require extensive edits on the theme as new border images will need to be made for the categories as well as css edits. Changing the font size and/or color is not a problem at all. That is just a matter of a quick css edit. As for the widget blocks all being the same, I have each one set with the exact same code so they should all appear the same. If you have found a block in the software that is not, this is a bug that should be reported with the name of the block that is not displaying correctly so I can get this fixed right away for the next release. On the theme edits you've requested above, the cost for these changes will be $25 and will take a couple of hours to have it done for you. If you agree with this amount, please submit a support ticket requesting "Custom Theme Edits" with the name of the theme and I'll generate the invoice for you and get that done. Sherri
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