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  1. Okay people, I've had enough! It's time to get proactive and start moving mountains!!! I know a lot of us have busy lives and tight budgets but if you would just take a moment to search your heart, you would see you have room to love one more precious baby. They bring so much joy and love into a home that words alone cannot describe. The shelter in Highlands county is over full and they've already had to euthanize a few babies this past week to make room and many more are about to be. These babies deserve a chance at life and a chance to know love and a chance to have a family. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!! Help me in advocating for these precious fur babies and giving every single one of them a loving forever home. SHARE THIS POST EVERYWHERE!!!!! Get your big hearts down to the humane society and save a precious life and give yourself the gift of unconditional love! Don't put it off because your life is too busy or your budget is too tight. God will see you through it and your new fur baby will love you through it. 🐶🐾💕LET'S MAKE MIRACLES HAPPEN!!!!
    Highlands County Animal Services
    Address: 7300 Haywood Taylor Blvd, Sebring, FL 33876
    Phone: (863) 402-6730

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