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  1. I saw in the Chatbox it's still in development but if it helps: Menu glitch seemed to be a fixed CSS width Reputation Points in postbit (forum) colour hard to read when member has more than 0 points 🙂
  2. The Old Man

    Nav menu issues in some themes

    Hi Pete, Apologies for the delay, I didn't get a reply email notification, I'll update my notification settings. Yes just checked and Simplicity Red is definitely fixed, just Spring Fling left.
  3. The Old Man

    Nav menu issues in some themes

    Hi Pete, Wow, congratulations in advance to you and your wife! 🤗 Yes, that fix has worked. Now looks like this... Regards
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. The Old Man

    Nav menu issues in some themes

    I just went through all of your themes here on the forums, hope this helps... Themes affected: Spring Fling Default Simplicity Red Ivy League Themes where it's fine: Dream Luxury Red Pro Rough Country Soft Blue Twilight Total Ecstasy Autumn Nature Versa (Nav ok but has transparent menu, so hard to see text) Bucked Up Xpaider Hallows Eve (footer and breadcrumbs text hard to see) My Valentine Cambridge White Christmas
  6. The Old Man

    Nav menu issues in some themes

    Hi, I mentioned in the Chatbox about Spring Fling's menu for feedback. I'm using an iPad 2017 with Safari and Chrome browsers. It works fine in Hallows Eve. It's now working better than before, but I still can't click on Unread Content or any breadcrumb links. The menu is overlapping, I think that's the reason. I'm not using it myself but if it's a problem here, it likely will be for others on their sites.
  7. Appreciated Pete. I think that's part of the problem, there are posts here from Sherri admitting that a lot of the themes were looking outdated and too graphically heavy or too, not to sound in the wrong way but too cutesy at times. Her artwork was second to none and I've always thought IPS should have hired her to produce some much needed, in-house themes that come with long term official support and the benefit of fast compatibility updates and internal access to the IPS team. The quality seasonal themes here have always rocked and were simply awesome, they had unique selling points provided they were out in time for the actual event, like they used to be 4+ years back, but I think people in general seem to need: clean, modern trend themes like Wordpress and Bootstrap styles, that are ideal for everyday businesses like coffee shops, bars, boutique stores, garages, tradesmen, landscapers, arts and craft stores etc. Lithium community style appearance Themes ideal for bloggers but so much Wordpress competition obviously. However with 4.3 it will be easier to have a Wordpress and IPS working together. have nice and subtle colours, attractive header and or background images, or even complimentary short video backgrounds or space to swap out with their own. Dark but still fast loading themes without the bloat for tech sites, gaming, sci-fi and horror themes based on current trends and entertainment but obviously without too obvious copyright infringement! With the emphasis on fast loading, image optimised websites being promoted more by Google, things like higher scoring themes that rate better Pagespeed and GT Metrix scores would be attractive especially to tech and gaming site owners who want a great looking but nippy site.
  8. The Old Man

    Upgrade Forum Errors? Anyone else?

    Sorry you had these hassles upgrading. Thinking back, I only had issues with the internal upgrader which at the time was very unreliable. It's now rock solid. I think if you leave it too long to upgrade to the stable new major versions, there is more likelihood of encountering a probably, 3.4.8 is so old (and probably more insecure now) and IPS will spend most of their time working with 4.2 and 4.3 these days. Be sure to make full, restorable backups of your databases in SQL gripped format from phpMyAdmin and also the separate forum/community files too in case you need to restore, and make a note of the current version each time are the most handy tips I can suggest. Handy for support to be able to refer back to an older version if something goes astray even a year or so later.
  9. I'm sorry you were effectively abandoned and left holding the bag, Pete. It's good to see people can test the themes out again with the theme chooser menu (if they know where to look!). If it helps, I noticed in Premium Members Downloads that it looks empty and is confusing because all the themes are hidden away inside a sub folder. They don't show unless you go a level deeper. I've just had a $80 renewal come through and after so many years I feel really guilty not renewing, but I just can't justify it given I only use the awesome Halloween and Christmas themes, and I don't feel reassured or confident they or this site will still be active and available in the future. IBTheme is now effectively a subscription service where you pay to access the same old themes, but sadly nothing new apart from the addition last year of your themes, but they were never available to Premium members. I think I will probably just buy the Halloween and an Xmas theme if available and compatible with 4.3.x at the end of the year.
  10. The Old Man

    Thanks for the help

    A belated shame to see you go, you're right, social media has definitely taken its toll. I think Forums still have their niche roles in the right places, though. Hoping all the Facebook controversy will be a positive boon for forum communities and honourable admins, as more people come to understand social media and it's infrastructure was never free, and so they unwittingly made a deal with the devil and probably sold their digital souls in the process. Forums IMHO, are great for more in-depth topics of conversation that are good when it comes to easier to find and access long term information, whereas social media is more suited for keeping up with one's mates and for quick, disposable messages that don't really matter and sadly in many cases, to accommodate foul mouthed rants from people without the facts and a haven for trolls. Possibly this is the reason you hardly ever, if never, see Google results for social media and mostly results come from forums, blogs and websites.
  11. The Old Man

    News Update

    Although this is unthinkable, I think we should have empathy as its clear something is sadly very wrong. I'm concerned about Sherri's welfare, you can imagine this scenario at risk of becoming tragic news. The business should be put on hold at least until things are resolved and refunds for non one-off purchases issued where necessary. Pete has worked like hell, bless him but its clear from the theme still being New Years Eve and have the content missing, that something needs to be resolved as the site is still taking orders. I wish Sherri would get in touch and let us know she is okay and what her plans are.
  12. The Old Man

    Merry Christmas IBTheme

    Hi Pete, I don't know if you know but it doesn't seem that we can download anything yet. There are options to buy but not to download? Many thanks.
  13. The Old Man

    What are your plans after 4.2 is released?

    A good stock of Pages article templates with great typography would be a great offering and in high demand, and I think IBTheme could make some fantastic trophy and awards badges for the awesome Fosters Trophies and Awrds mod. Great opportunity there.
  14. The Old Man

    What are your plans after 4.2 is released?

    Just a suggestion Pete/Sherri, but perhaps simplify/summarise the front home page content. Too much small text, I imagine visitors who have searched out a theme site will want to see the best themes first rather than too much textual copy. Push the great looking themes and must have plug-ins first, with news updates, featured testimonials/reviews/comments etc. The text information is needed but perhaps break it up a bit, summarise with a 'learn more' link, bullet points etc. You could highlight themes by category, say business themes, light and dark themes, gaming themes, seasonal themes etc and highlight the theme costs, premium packages, any offers/sales etc.
  15. The Old Man

    Merry Christmas IBTheme

    Thank you Pete, much appreciated. My post comes across as a mix of rant and frustration, so apologies for that and for not seeing your reply until now. I'll check my notifications options. I can see you've been very busy sorting things out. The site loading seems more responsive today.

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