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  1. I am running the older IPB version IPB 3.4.9 with an Arcade. I would like to add a image background if possible.. Anyone ever done this before, and if so can you describe how to do this. Thanks Ron.
  2. 🌼 Hang in there Sherri. I have been around here for ages, I have heard what you are going through and have gone through..I am proud of you for getting up, blowing the dust off, and bettering yourself..I know dam well you'll make something of yourself.. I don't know what happened between you and IPS, but I'm sure you'll work that out when necessary. Don't forget to add an extra tab on now after that degree comes in.. You remind me of my ex daughter in law, after about 30 years of marriage my son left her.. She is in real estate, and decided to further herself, like you are doing. Well she did night school at Rice University for a Masters of Liberal Studies. Basically a masters in liberal arts. She wrote a CAPSTONE PAPER and Michael Bloomberg was the speaker at the graduation. So now he has her Masters.. Sherri all I have to say to you is"Go for it girl"
  3. Glad to see you bacl also. Never knew you were going through a divorce. Been there a couple of times myself.. I haven't been on here in awhile myself.
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