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  1. Thanks very much for that. I'll point Sherri towards it.
  2. What makes it difficult is they haven't produced a Theme Differences report so I'm blind LOL
  3. I too will have to search through an external disk although it might have been on the dell laptop that died. I still have the disk for that but I lent the cable to connect it via USB to someone. You have got a zip file somewhere and if memory serves me right you sent it to me about the time version 3.4 was out.
  4. The .psd is included in the download for those who want to create as many as they like. We also provide the following addons:
  5. Just keep churning out the Themes. I don't have enough members left to justify a Custom LOL
  6. I've recreated the Donation block as it had disappeared. If anyone has any money left to give at this time of year you know where it's needed
  7. I've found that I do the upgrade then switch Designer mode on. As soon as it's done doing it's thing I switch Designer mode off again leaving the "Sync" checkbox checked. I then refresh the index page and everything is working as it should. I'm not sure if that's the correct thing to do but I got used to doing it after doing it each time after RC3 - RC4.
  8. I'm guessing you're in the US? If so that'd be about the time I upgraded to RC4. All I know is it is working fine for me.
  9. The only experience of it I've had: I'd installed all my skins as children of the IP Board one. I forget what I was installing but the instructions said "Do this template alteration to every skin you have." I installed it on IPBoard just to see what it looked like and recached all the skins for some reason. When I went to alter the other templates I noticed the little colored dots and sure enough I didn't need to alter the other skins.
  10. I've noticed if I make IP Board the parent I only have to make some changes in the parent and other skins inherit them. IIRC there are little colored dots next to the templates/ccs to show whether it is inherited or not.
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