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  1. STILL waiting on a response for my support ticket...half a year later
  2. Really sad the support here is so bad
  3. And STILL waiting on that support
  4. Still anxiously awaiting on that support
  5. My support ticket is STARVING for your attention....
  6. United We Stand & IAwards App

    I submitted a ticket weeks ago. Any idea when the ticket may get worked on?
  7. United We Stand & IAwards App

    I need the awards application to show on the pane display. Whatever needs to happen to make that happen I'm all for it.
  8. United We Stand & IAwards App

    Well now on another look it doesn't appear the sidebars are showing correctly on ANY 3rd party applications.
  9. United We Stand & IAwards App

    It appears as though this theme isn't compatible with Pages either. My custom blocks are not showing correctly. Here is what I mean....
  10. I am using the IAwards application on my forum and one of the settings will not display correctly. The awards are supposed to show in the pane display as pictured in the photo using the default theme but as you can see in the United We Stand theme it does not show. Can someone tell me what changes in CSS I need to make in order to get it to show? The author of the app said support had to come from the theme creator. HELP SHERRY! (or Wotsit...or anyone)
  11. Red & Blue Theme

    Just wanted to mention that the patriotic holidays are just weeks away
  12. how long does it take to deliver themes after paying

    If you paid all you got to do is click on "IBTheme Shop" in the menu above then click on manage purchases. Your download should be there.
  13. Red & Blue Theme

    Well put your hand on your heart, say the pledge of allegiance & listen to the Star Spangled banner and get inspired
  14. Red & Blue Theme

    Will you be doing a red and blue theme similar to the United We stand theme from last version?
  15. This site dead?

    Restore from backup?
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