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  1. United We Stand Pete?
  2. So a skin for 4.4.3 will be fine?
  3. Are you updating themes to 4.4.5?
  4. I don't see IBtheme making it. Sherry is so busy and has so much going on in her life things around here tend to go ignored. Customer service is going to go back to being non existent along with upgrades. Bad news for all us IBtheme fans 😟
  5. Ready for United We Stand
  6. Any update on when 4.4 themes will be ready to go?
  7. Pete I sent you a reply on the ticket,,,
  8. Ok Pete thank you. I'll keep the same login details active until we get this resolved...
  9. You don't see the scrolling issue? It's HUGE on my screen. I'm using Firefox...you think it's a browser issue?
  10. Ok Pete I set it now so u can pull it up...
  11. I had to use the default theme...you want me to set it to the United we stand theme so u can look?
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