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  1. My pleasure! And a Merry Christmas to you as well Sherri. May your heart be aglow this holiday season. Something fun you might consider for next Christmas's themes. I put a music player in the countdown box so we could offer our members a little bit of cheer from the soundtrack of the game we support. The player opens up in a separate small window so users can peruse the forum while the music plays in the background. It's a subtle jingle that adds a bit of ambiance. http://darkmatters.org P.s. Here Comes Santa looks great! Really like the snowfall.
  2. Amazing! My favorite themes of all. Already bought mine and preparing it for my forum. Thank you for making these Sherri!
  3. Woohoo! Santa IS coming to town. And her name is Sherri! The co-owner of my site was all like fake sniffling and saying, "Will Christmas ever come?!" So I decided to come check and was super excited by the site of your new and improved Noel theme. Weeeee. I couldn't be happier. Take a break. You deserve it! I''l be here to spend my money tomorrow.
  4. Ah! So cute! I don't remember that one. Looking forward to the remodel. 😁
  5. Thank you so much Sherri. I really appreciate your hard work and am now very curious about Here Comes Santa.
  6. Ooops, I just realized that's not the version I liked. It was this one. Such amazing work!
  7. I adore the Christmas Noel theme. Any chance it will arrive soon? My money is waiting to be spent.
  8. I'm all set up! Woohoo. Loving this theme on my site. I made one minor adjustment that you might like to use. I changed the glow on the breadcrumb from overflow:hidden to overflow:visible so that the glow isn't cutoff. Rather than poking around the theme css I just dropped it in the custom.css. .ipsBreadcrumb > ul > li {overflow: visible;} And here is how it looks: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21471-halloween-skin-is-back-put-on-your-best-halloween-avatar/ Thank you so much once again Sherri!
  9. Woohoo! You tha bestest Sherri. Me and my forum community thank you for this awesomeness.
  10. Hi there, I've used the Happy Halloween 3.4 theme in the past and loved it. Wondering if it will be revived one day? I was looking to buy a Halloween theme here but noticed the Hallows Eve theme is unfinished.
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