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  1. Hi @Pete T. I'm getting ready to update my site to 4.3.6. I need to know if Ivy League, Rough Country and Evave are going to be OK as you have them labeled as 4.3.5.
  2. I saw that there was another update for the theme, so I downloaded that and did a fresh install (both the last and this one were 4.3) and I'm still having the same issue.
  3. When I first noticed it, Rough Country was 4.2.6. I then did a fresh install to 4.3 and I still have the same issue. Ivy League is 4.3, which was a fresh install.
  4. Thank you. The sooner the better on the first 2 themes issue.
  5. If I have Rough Country or Ivy League as my default theme, anybody not signed in cannot see my site. They get just a white screen. If I put it to the default theme, everything works fine. I'm running IPB - 4.3.3 Rough Country - 4.3 Ivy League - 4.3 Evave - Still waiting on the update.
  6. Thank you @Pete T. Everything seems to be working right so far. Just waiting on Evave.
  7. OK, I'll download those and give them a go. Thanks
  8. Do you need to go to my site again?
  9. Hi @Pete T. Thank you for fixing my name. I have Rough Country, Ivy League and Evave 4.2.4. When I go to the download area it says I don't have any purchases. I purchased these on 09/23/17, my order number was #4243. Let me know if you need any other information.
  10. Correction (as I can't edit) Rough Country is still there.
  11. Also, 2 of the 3 themes are no longer working after updating to 4.3.1. These are Rough Country 4.2.x (Which isn't listed in your themes any more) and Evave 4.2.x
  12. Hi. I had purchased 2 themes from you, and now they aren't showing in my purchases and my name on here has also been changed and it's not showing me as a customer any more.
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